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Spilers for tonight's Idol performance show.

If I thought Kris got bussed last week, this week, he positively got tanked.

I was so upset when I was reading comments about the show that I whipped out my cellphone and voted like mad for him - over a 100 votes in 30 minutes. (I woke up at 11.30 so I missed the first hour and a half of voting.) Then I switched to Gizmo at noon after the phone lines that M1 connects to have closed and voted for the full 2 hours. All in all, I got in 407 votes for him (I counted this time).

The sad thing is, I'm quite resigned to the possibility of him leaving this week. He's just not going to win with the producers and their stupid machinations. Even if he gets to the top 3, he's going to have to sing a song picked by the judges for him, which means it's an ample opportunity for them to further sabotage him to get their stupid Adam/Danny finale. As if this week's sabotage isn't enough, right? Tell me what else would one call putting Kris with DANNY GOKEY in the duet, then making him sing his solo IMMEDIATELY after his duet and putting him in the middle of the damn show, anything other than a Sabotage with a capital S.

And I haven't even got to the judges' comments yet. It's a strange day indeed when I actually find that Randy and Paula, two of the most irrelevant judges on the show, made more sense than Kara and Simon. I wanted to slap Simon when he said that stupid thing about how no one can top Adam. HELLO, is this the first week of Idol? Talk about stating the obvious. Talk about further pimping your favourite. I adore Adam, but I can't imagine how HE wouldn't feel embarrassed as hell when he's getting praises when his ex-roommate and all-round good friend is getting his critique.

I haven't even watched the Kris/Danny (just writing that made my skin crawl) duet, no thanks to what I've read all day about how Simon/judges/dunno tore Kris to shreds and praised Danny to high heavens. UGH. If it'd been Adam, it wouldn't be as gross because no one can out-sing Adam, and at least Adam would've been a human being to Kris. But Danny - ugh. Don't fucking get me started. If the comments I've been reading all morning are to be believed, something happened between them onstage that made Kris kind of upset with Danny, namely, Danny didn't sing what they rehearsed. This is just conjecture made by some people (okay, they're all Kris fans but I don't read other contestants' forums and threads. Why would I?) but you know what? My hatred for Danny is so strong that I'd totally believe it. He's the same guy that pimped his deceased wife to get face time on the show, after all. He DISGUSTS me, especially more so if he's capable of sabotaging his fellow-contestant and FELLOW CHRISTIAN.

I'm so grossed out by his stupid douchey face.

In any case, I watched Kris' performance of Come Together about 4 times in a row, and was expecting him with an acoustic guitar and his usual mellow style after reading that Simon called it boring or whatever. But he was ROCKING on that stage with his electric guitar, almost pulling a David Cook, and staying true to the rock theme. I swear, my mouth hung open from the first note to the last, because I couldn't believe he was doing a ROCK SONG, and that he was doing it so well. He didn't have the rock star swagger which is to be expected because he's NOT a rock star; but even when singing a rock song, he was still 100% Kris Allen. I have no idea what Kara was saying with the "try too hard". He was just doing what he always does, but with an electric guitar. The fuck, really.

I'm sick of talking about this. I'm sick of them treating Kris like shit. At this rate I'd be a tad relieved if Kris really goes this week; at least the crapping and the bussing and the tanking could finally stop. At least I wouldn't have to put myself through the torture of watching Danny just to watch Kris. I just don't understand what the appeal of an Adam/Danny finale is. It's like Performer vs. Karaoke - who the fuck wants to watch that shit? Whereas Kradam will be Performer vs. Artist. Adam's amazing vocal acrobats vs. Kris' amazing vocal phrasings. Kris is the only contestant worthy of sharing the final stage with Adam - and Danny is by far the least worthy of them all, including, yes, all the eliminated contestants.

This is shaping up to be one of the worst seasons ever. I've never hated a contestant as much as I hate Gokey. Even Blake Lewis, with all his vocal limitations (and he had a lot), put interesting spins on his songs and was NEVER karaoke; Gokey has been karaoke from Day One and he never gets called out for it. I swear, the favouritism has never been so obvious as it's been in this season, and I'm so sick of it, and I just want Kris to be happy, to do well, and to have the chance to do what he really wants to do in this life.

Still, hoping that Gokey gets the Daughtry Shock Boot this week. It's fitting: top 4, Daughtry performs on results show, Gokey has never been in the bottom 3...and Kris can be the new Elliot Yamin, please, thanks.

Well, a girl can dream, right?
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