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More Idol rantings.

More Idol rantings:

I was shopping with Mel at Orchard when Yuenmei texted me and started bitching about Idol, in particular Danny Gokey's screaming at the end of his butchering of Aerosmith's Dream On which Michael Johns sang to near-perfection last season. I read that Simon called it something akin to a horror movie and I was telling Yuenmei Simon is an asshole, and I came home in time to watch the last half hour (just as Kara was giving Kris her "critique". Whatevs), and I caught the Gokey Scream for myself, and I just laughed so damn hard I couldn't stop, and the look on my mom's face made me laugh even harder, and they played the scream during the recap and my mom joined me in the laughter.

If Danny stays over Kris, this season will go down in history as the worst season of Idol ever. The only thing that could possibly mitigate it is an Adam Lambert win. But judging by the kind of nonsensical nice words the stupid judges are willing to bend over backwards to say to that kind of a trainwreck performance (A++ for effort? What the fuck?), I wouldn't be surprised at all if Gokey ended up winning the whole thing. If he did, Season 8 of Idol WILL be the worst season ever.

Fingers crossed for Kris tomorrow. Apparently Allison wasn't good on her solo, but Adam helped push her up in their awesome duet, so I'm seriously worried for my Pocket Idol. I hate this show. I really hope Kris stays...but like I said, if he goes, a part of me will be very, very relieved. The kind of shit the judges said about Danny's performance was just a joke. At least he tried? ARE YOU SERIOUS? That whole performance was an exercise in blatantly over-estimating your own lack of abilities. Kris, while not a rocker, at least knew his limits and played to his strengths (though now I wonder if he wouldn't have benefited from another She Works Hard for the Money-type of performance) and didn't try to reach for something that he couldn't hit - like those high notes Danny screamed like some scary thing in a horror movie at the end of Dream On.

I'm so disgusted. Kris has been a real trooper through all this, and he's done amazing getting this far considering he was supposed to be canon fodder at the start. Whatever happens, he's a winner in my heart, and I will DEFINITELY buy his album.

Don't know if I want to watch the stupid Kris/Danny duet. YUCKS. I want to hear Kris but don't want to hear Danny. UGH UGH UGH. I hate this show. Their desperate attempts at getting rid of Kris are so obvious, only the stupidest person wouldn't catch on.
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