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Mad love for Kris and I'm SO over Simon Cowell.

I'm not very fond of my layout but I'm in urgent need of a Kris layout so whatever. I'll just make do. Anyway, he looks good in the pictures and that's the important thing, no?

Kris' Judges' Pick for next week is OneRepublic's Apologise. Not the most original song choice ever (er, it was apparently picked by Randy - go figure), but it's a song I think he could sing straight and sound really good on. He's probably going to do his rearrangement thing on his own choice so I'd prefer it if he sang Apologise straight.

Of course, he can do whatever he wants, even screw up royally, and I will STILL be voting for him on Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. That time has already been set aside for voting so whatever activities I may or may not want to embark on on Wednesday will have to take place after 2 - tennis included. He so has to be in the top 2 because he belongs there, because I selfishly want to see him until this season ends, and I even more selfishly do not want my flawless record of all favourites of mine reaching the final 2 to be ruined! And, above all else, he totally deserves it.

On another, but related, note, I must say that I have pretty much lost all respect for Simon Cowell this season. He used to be the voice of reason, but this season he's just been lazy with his critiques, as if he doesn't even give a shit, and he's becoming the New Randy, a.k.a the producers' mouthpiece, Take 2. And he's even more effective than Randy because he's THE Simon Cowell that everyone listens to. But when all he has to say in response to the Kris/Danny duet was that Danny sang "better" than Kris, nevermind the fact that Danny messed up the damn lyrics, something is really wrong. For someone that rejected contestants because they messed up their lyrics, the fact that he didn't even say a word about Danny messing up the lyrics is just unforgivable.

More egregiously, his criticisms, if they can even be called that, of Danny this season have been downright pathetic. He used to be so good at calling out contestants for being karaoke, but he's not done so once whatsoever when Danny did the karaoke thing that Simon apparently so hated/hates. It's so disgusting. The favouritism is just...I mean, even last season when David Cook became a frontrunner after Billie Jean, he had his just-okay, not-great performances (Hungry Like the Wolf, I'm Alive), and Simon ALWAYS criticised him for a so-so performance when it was due. But Danny hasn't given a single decent performance since the semi-final, and every week it's the same stupid tongue-bathing from the judges, Simon included.

This season has been an utter trainwreck. It's honestly one of the worst seasons of Idol I've ever watched, if not the worst. If it weren't for Kris, I would've stopped watching a long time ago. The judging is uneven and unfair, the producers' behind-the-scenes manipulations are even more blatant than ever, and I honestly don't get Simon's apparent disdain for Kris. Kris is who he is; he's not going to become pseudo-competitive all of a sudden and say things he doesn't mean just to get Simon to stop scowling at him. If Simon has a general problem with nice guys who are comfortable in their own skins without having to look down on others, he should just see a shrink or something and stop taking it out on Kris. The way he treated Kris this week was just disgusting, and I can already see it continuing to next week. And the judges, especially Simon, really aren't making an already-lacklustre season any more appealing to me. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one out of the millions of Idol watchers world-wide that feels this way.

There have been rumours that Simon's leaving the show after this season. At first I was thinking Idol would be boring without Simon; but now, I don't think I'd miss him. I really don't. I think I'd keep watching Idol and be glad that Simon is no longer there to erode his once-deserving reputation as a judge who almost always gets it right. Because he's been getting it wrong - utterly wrong - this whole season, and frankly, I'm just tired of him.
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