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I'm watching Roger's Halle match against Kohlschreiber and it's AMAZING watching him on grass, crappy quality of live stream and all. He's hitting all these wonderful shots that I missed throughout the clay season and I'm a very happy fangirl.

Also, dammit, the court at Halle is super fast! It's awesome! No more long, boring rallies full of moonballs!

Sigh, I need to watch my Wimbledon final.


In the other Wimbledon warm-up tournament, namely Queens in London, the current World Number 1 has lost to...Feliciano Lopez.

I'd like to point out this little fact mentioned in the article and build on it:

He showed few nerves and some excellent volleying to close out the set and the match, to inflict the first defeat on Nadal since he lost to Roddick in Miami in April, his first defeat on grass since 2007 and his first defeat to a Spaniard since losing to Juan Carlos Ferrero back in 2008.

Yeah, that's because he didn't play the entire 2009 grass season. That's not hard to do, considering the entire grass season consists of a pre-Wimbledon ATP 250 tournament and...Wimbledon.

Please don't try to make it sound like Nadal dominates on grass. He never has. He never will. The same goes for Roger and clay.

That is, as long as Nadal is active on the tour. Without Nadal, Roger would dominate on all 3 surfaces.

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