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Spoilers for tonight's Idol results show.



This seems awfully disingenuous to say, considering it's after the fact and I was admittedly nervous while waiting for the results (I thought the show aired at 8 p.m. in the US but in fact it airs at 9 p.m. - how did I not know this?), but I really did have a good feeling Kris was going to make the final 2. In the first place, all my favourites have made at least runner-up; in the second place, the Internets wasn't exploding with bussing accusations yesterday, and instead was brimming with praises and exclamation marks for Kris, and a few even voted for him for the first time; finally, in the third place, at approximately 7 this morning, I dreamt that Kris went home and Danny made the finale with Adam. That dream was the final sign, so to speak, that Kris was going to make it.

It's amazing that he did. Not so much because he's understated and quiet compared to Adam and Danny, but because he was the only one out of the final 3 who's never had any promotion by the producers. I skipped a lot of the auditions so it's probably my fault for not seeing the 10-second clip of his auditions that was aired, but yeah, I haven't seen his audition; I don't remember seeing him during the Chair episode; the only reason he was featured in Hollywood week was because he was in the same group as Matt Giraud; and he wasn't even supposed to advance to the top 13. Megan Joy Corkey was the person they wanted (Simon, for one, was in love with her), but Kris Allen was the one that went through.

He was set up as cannon fodder right from the beginning, and the judges have made it plenty clear that, for whatever reason, they plain do not want him there - especially Simon. He's been bussed and bulldozed and bullet-trained, he's been kicked to the curb, written off, and perhaps at one point the only person who believed he could claw into the top 2 was he himself - because the quiet confidence that he has, which Simon dismisses as "humility" as if it's a bad thing, does not lie. It's in his performances, the way he arranges his songs, and most clearly, it's in his utter conviction in himself that made him pick a Kanye West song, which he performed on the show 12 weeks ago, and sing it with just an acoustic guitar.

And it's precisely because of his musicianship, who he is as an artist, as a person, that he's won so many people over, all by himself. David Cook's story last year was great and it moved me to tears; this year, Kris Allen's trajectory on the show is pretty damn kick awesome, too.

I am SO proud of him right now. I'm also really proud of myself for consistently picking favourites that make the final 2, but my stupid self-centred pat-on-the-back aside, I'm really happy for him. I'm also really happy for him that he's sharing the finale with Adam, his good friend, and I'm happy for Adam that 1) he made it (yeah, as if it was ever in doubt!) and 2) he gets to sing with Kris, and not Danny.

I can't wait to see the look on Kris' face when Ryan tells him he's safe. I CAN'T WAIT!

I'm soooo happy I'm so totally getting my Kradam final! Bwahahaha.


Just a short note on the performances yesterday:

Loved Kris' Heartless, obviously. It was the best of the night for me and supplanted Ain't No Sunshine as my favourite Kris Allen performance (never thought it possible; I loved that performance to bits and pieces). It was his best performance of the season, and I even think it was the best of performance of the season, period. It was mom watched it like, three or four times. That says a lot. She hardly ever does that.

I also liked Kris' Apologise though I didn't understand the loud synthesiser-sounding instrument that came in halfway through. I thought he sounded good on the song, although he didn't do anything new with it. It was still really good.

Danny - I don't even know what to say. There's nothing I can say. Talking about him is a waste of time.

Adam - see, the thing is, he has mad talent, and I really respect what he does. I just don't understand why he has to do the same thing to all his songs. This week was especially glaring because he sang both songs the same way, and I don't know, I really loved the beginning of One, but when he started doing the Adam thing, he took me out of the song and completely lost me. I didn't understand what went on with Cryin' but I partly blame the super loud back-up singer for this as she kind of drowned him out (drowning Adam Lambert out is a skill in itself. Seriously) and I couldn't hear him properly. I think he did much better on Cryin', but both sounded the same to me. I was quite disappointed, really. Just because you can hit those high notes, doesn't mean you should ALWAYS hit them. Sometimes his high notes feel unnecessary, out of place, as if he's putting them there for the sake of it, and without any thought to the impact they'd have on the song. Sometimes, therefore, his performances feel robotic, mechanical, clinical, not something I can relate to, not something that speak to me. I wish he'd do something more mellow, along the lines of Mad World and Track of My Tears, because he's really interesting to watch, but I'm just tired of the same old, same old performances.

Okay rushing out of the house. Have to go. Still adore Adam though, and am really happy he made it with Kris. YAY KRADAM!
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