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(Madrid 2009) Federer d. Roddick 7-5, 6-7(6), 6-1


Who would've guessed it was going to be against ANDY RODDICK? After all the stuff I've heard about how Andy's not a good clay-courter, I was expecting some ridiculous 6-0, 6-0 scoreline or something (okay, I exaggerate), not a nail-biting three-setter! Okay, Roger pretty much ran away with the third set after he hit three straight winners (backhand, forehand, forgot the last one) to set up three break points in Andy's opening service game, but the first two sets were REALLY close. The second set was especially close. Roger could've won it in two sets if he hadn't double-faulted in the breaker to give Andy set point, which Andy snatched and devoured immediately. And Andy's serve was even better than it was in his two previous matches with Roger this year.

I can't believe Andy was the one that provided a good test for Roger - but there you go. Stranger things have happened, such as Roger's inside-out forehand letting him down and his backhand providing him with the winners. Of course, much as I love him, truth is, Andy isn't a match for Roger; even when Andy is playing out of his mind, he's only beaten Roger two times out of twenty meetings (including today's match). Still, the match was a lot closer than expected and Andy Roddick is no mug, no matter what the haters say - yes, not even on clay. Try to break the serve of a guy who dishes out bombs at like, 200 km/h on average. I don't think anyone else's serves leaves a bigger, deeper mark on the clay than Andy's. And today he was serving well.

It was awesome to see Roger rise to the occasion and up his game when the situation called for it. His first serve percentage shot up in the second (well over 70%) while in the first, it was some pathetic below-50. He still lost the set, but once again, it was a matter of him losing, not Andy winning. If he'd made that backhand pass on break point - and he had PLENTY of time to hit it - the match would've been over 7-5, 6-4.

The most amazing thing about this match, however, is the fact that he out-aced Andy Roddick 15 to 7. To think I was worried about his serve when the match started, when he was making like 30-something percent of his first serves and Andy was hitting service winners like whoa. Once again, another great instance of Roger switching gears and stepping it up when he had to - which is a really good thing to see after the opposite happening in all his losses this year.

Then again, I will only breathe a sigh of relief when he does it against the top 4. He faces either JMDP or Murray next and while I'd rather see him play JMDP (remember the double bagel in Australia? Yeah, I'm sure JMDP does, too), I have a feeling it might be Murray. I hope I'm wrong, but if I'm right, I hope to hell Roger finally takes the first step towards reversing his losing head-to-head with that talentless ball-pusher and register his first win over that boring counter-puncher since...oh, yeah, it was the US Open.

Oops, am I mean? Whatever.


I do have other things to say but I'm damn tired and therefore can't say them.

I played tennis this morning and I think I might have injured my elbow. Shite. I hope it feels better tomorrow 'cause I have another tennis session scheduled for the afternoon and I'd be damn loathed to miss it. Dammit.

Next time must make sure to stretch before and after tennis. Seriously, I'm so dumb. At least I stretch my legs so I don't get weird shit in the legs, I guess. Whatevs. Hope it's not tennis elbow.

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