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This entry turned out to be about tennis. Oops.

First, a reply to Yuenmei: YOU'RE NOT WATCHING THE RESULTS SHOW LIVE? Channel 5 usually broadcasts it live (at 8 AM) and I'm assuming they'll do the same this year. I am SO waking up to watch it live! I didn't get to do so last year 'cause I was doing internship. Was very sad. I don't really care about Simon anymore to be honest. He's completely lost all credibility after he salivated over Gokey all season long. It's sad that the sole voice of reason has become yet another mouthpiece for the producers!


In tennis news, the first thing I did when I woke up today, after washing up, was to check the Madrid Open website to see which semi-final Roger's playing. Last night I checked SuperSports' schedule to see if they're shafting tennis for Random BPL Match (i.e. IT'S NOT EVEN THE ARSENAL/MAN UTD MATCH. IT'S EVERTON. WHO THE FUCK IS EVERTON) again - and they are. They're showing the Everton thing at 9.55, and the first SF is at 10. I thought Roger would play the first one since Nadal is Spanish and all, and I figured they'd give him the night match. But when I saw that Roger's SF opponents were playing the last match of the day at some ungodly 10 PM, I had a feeling Roger might play the second SF at 2 AM which SuperSports is showing because there is no Random BPL Match That About 10 People In Singapore Care About at that time.

Imagine how stoked I was when I checked the order of play and I was proven right. So stoked, in fact, that it didn't even register in my mind immediately who he's playing tonight until maybe 10 seconds later, after I was done mentally celebrating my being able to watch Roger's semi live*. It seriously didn't strike me immediately that I was looking at "[5] J Del Potro (ARG) vs [2] R Federer (SUI)"...and when I did, I was so excited that I ran out of my room to tell my mom that 1) ANDY MURRAY LOST; 2) JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO TOOK OUT THE TALENTLESS BALL-PUSHER; and 3) ROGER HAS A FREE PASS TO THE FINAL.

No disrespect to JMDP; I'm not a huge fan, but mad props to him for beating Nadal in Miami, and now Murray in Madrid. This clay is faster than the previous two tournaments and Roger has been playing hard court-style tennis on clay his last two matches, which more or less means it's the same for other players - and so Murray doesn't really have the excuse of not being a good clay-courter. If Andy Roddick can take Roger to three sets (he's never gotten past the QF at Roland Garros. QF or third round, can't remember), Andy Murray losing to JMDP in straight sets must only mean...he sucks. Which we've known since the beginning. He needs to get back to #4 stat; Djokovic played a great match against Ljubicic yesterday and the world's just not right when Djoke is ranked lower than Murray.

My point is, JMDP has been playing well for sure. But if this clay is faster than most clay, and if it's just remotely close to the speed of a hard court, Roger has the advantage here - even without his track record against JMDP (not just 4-0, but the easy and decisive victories over him. The closest set they played was 7-5 at Wimbledon in 2007). Sure, every match is a new match, and anything can happen in tennis; but a scoreline like 6-3, 6-0, 6-0 doesn't lie. It really doesn't.

Totally expecting Roger to win this one. If he doesn't, I'm gonna be really, REALLY upset.


In more tennis news, Eurosport is actually showing live tennis. Has the world ended? And it's Safina, so I'm going to watch now. Might update this later. I STILL haven't got round to saying the things I want to say!
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