anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Inconsiderate people suck.


First he tried to trick me into believing that some magical battery-operated tennis ball that automatically goes back to my racquet or whatever exists when he was texting me about buying tennis stuff (in the end there was nothing to buy. Crap, I could use with a new pack of Wilson's Pro Overgrip. And some new trainer balls). Then he totally laughed his ass off at me when I asked him if higher betting odds for a player means that the player is favoured to win. This is despite him saying, "You are a total Arts student" before I asked that question.

HE IS DAMN MEAN. Totally leaving my pom-poms and home-made TONG ROCKS banner home when I go watch him play squash on Monday. Boo!


Okay, I totally cannot remember the things I wanted to talk about a couple of days ago. They're not significant things and are probably things I was going to complain about, knowing myself.

I do remember one of them though: I took the bus from Heeren to City Hall yesterday after I was done getting my Infinite Jest and 2001 Federer/Sampras Wimbledon DVD from Orchard to meet Mag and Tris. I had three shopping bags in my hand, and Infinite Jest is over 1000 pages long and kind of looks like a dictionary. So I boarded the bus - 700, if memory serves. It was quite empty and I moved to the back to get a seat. There was an ang moh guy in front of me so I had to follow behind him, and he sat down on the only seat available where one didn't have to step over a fucking human block to get to.

And despite the fact that I was carrying 3 shopping bags and have been described as willowy and frail (whatevs! The tennis has made me MUSCULAR. Ok don't laugh), all the fucking stupid human blocks sitting on the outside seats and leaving the empty inside seat inaccessible REFUSED TO MOVE THEIR FAT STUPID ASSES. Seriously, why do people do things like that? Why do people sit on the outer seat and not the inner one? Because I always take the inside one without fail (unless the bus is empty and I'm getting off in like 3 stops) and therefore I cannot understand the mindset that causes a person not to take the inside seat, like any humane, considerate person would.


Another complaint? Stupid inconsiderate asshats who plonk their fat asses on priority seats during peak hours. Or ever, for that matter. No one takes priority seats on the Taipei MRT, even when there are no kids/old folks/pregnant women around. Even if one has to stand, one would rather stand than to be caught dead sitting on a priority seat. But in Singapore? It's ALWAYS occupied, even when there are people with special needs standing around. It's freaking disgusting. Seriously, the next time I see something like this, I'm just going to say to the fat ass, "Hi, may I know what your special need is? Oh wait, is it your heavy?"

Our society is disgusting. And I'm too excited about the possibility of Novak beating Rafa to go on bitching so this shall be all from me.



Shit, I want to watch this. I can't imagine Everton being more important than RAFAEL NADAL AND NOVAK DJOKOVIC. Seriously, Man U has already won the BPL. Who the fuck cares if Everton or their opponent, whoever, wins?!

Tags: rant, stupid people, tennis, wei chuen

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