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number 2

So tired today. I slept at 2.04 p.m. until 2.52 p.m., and I did not just make those numbers up. I would have slept longer but I had tuition at 3. I had originally intended to lie on my bed for 10 minutes but I ended up falling asleep, so sleeping it was, and would you be surprised if I go on to say I fell asleep with Gen on my mind?

I wish he didn't say he loves me though. It's sweet, and it made me smile, but it also makes me confused. Why does he love me? Because he thinks I'm pretty?

Truth be told, I seriously doubt that, but still.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I have been begging for something like this to happen, and when it does, instead of relishing in it, I begin to pick it apart.

I have to talk to him and ask him not to say he loves me until a month later. It's kind of too soon and since I have never done this before I'm scared to death yet extremely happy and I don't know light like I'm floating on air and when I think about him my entire body starts to tingle.

Yeah, well. What else to say...yeah. My life is getting better. All thanks to him. I am ambivalent towards Tuesday, as Tuesday means a few things: 1) Physics test; 2) fitness test (translation: running 2.4 kilometres under 17.50 minutes; I did it for practice and I finished at 20 minutes, which is a fail); 3) seeing Gen.

Definitely looking forward to point number 3. Dreading point number 2. Don't feel anything towards point number 1. Maybe a little apprehension, but that's about it.

Am I the only weirdo who said "thank you" after being/been (brain ain't workin') kissed for the first time?
Tags: first boyfriend, personal

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