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Just got back from lunch.

Not much to say. Cheryl and The Goofball were being...goofballs. Like, they would start giggling hysterically whenever Gen is like, in the same room or something. And they would say I started it because

I just got off the phone with my mother. "Was he on duty?" "Yes." "You talked to him?!?!?!" "No!" "Okay, good, bye."

The poor woman. She has no idea. It's her fault for being uptight about dating, not mine.

Let me rephrase the second paragraph. The 3 of us were giggling like idiots. They were making fun of me and I found it funny so I'd start to laugh and everything. I was there early. I walked into the place and saw Gen, and he saw me, and I think he was surprised. I also saw this waitress who was in the restaurant on Friday, and she started grinning at me so I smiled back.

And, well, like I said there isn't much to say. I had to wait for Cheryl and The Goofball to show up, and I hate, really really HATE, sitting in a restaurant all by myself without anything to do. It makes me feel uncomfortable. But when they showed up it was okay.

Apparently, I have good taste. Cheryl thinks he looks a bit like Joaquin Phoenix. I think Gen is more good-looking than Joaquin. They thought it was sweet when he came over and kissed me goodbye.

I also got the chance to talk to him about the "I love you" thing. It was after 2, and he was done with his shift so we went outside and he asked me what I was saying on the phone last night. I didn't know how to say it. I never know how to say anything. I stalled for a while and then I just told him, "Don't say I love you."

He asked why, and I said it's too fast. I think he understands, so all is good.

I still hadn't ate at that point of time so I said something about needing to eat (as I was actually hungry), but I didn't leave immediately. I didn't really want to go. I don't know, it's strange, but the important thing is, he kissed me again, in public but I didn't give because I wasn't in my uniform (of course I wasn't). I went back with a stupid smile on my face, and they were like, what happened? I shrugged the shoulders and said nothing happened, nothing at all!

Yeah, well. I think he's been smoking though. Bloody hell. I have to tell him not to do it anymore and take up drinking, because drinking, to me, is less harmful than smoking and less permanent unless you become alcoholic. Gen says he isn't addicted to smoking, but what the hell kind of shit is that? Everyone says they're not addicted to smoking. Right, and I'm not addicted to Gen. Makes a lot of sense.

I love it when he kisses me. Makes me melt all over.

So lunch was good. Hanging out with friends is always good. Another waitress who was there on Friday told me/us to bring more friends the next time when we were leaving. Ha, ha.

I definitely wouldn't mind though. I don't know why or whatever, but when he kisses me in front of people, it makes it even better.

That could be just me.
Tags: first boyfriend, friends

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