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Uneventful again. School has always been uneventful. However. I didn't understand a thing that went on in Maths today. The class was given some weird homework yesterday and today the teacher was on about some y2 minus y1 crap and some shit about not needing to put the modulus sign around some equation or whatever and I sat there, and I was like, "Huh?" To add to that, I was too lazy to copy yesterday's notes, so even if I did copy down the homework questions, there is no way in hell I'd be able to do it. Like that isn't enough. I'd have to do my Geography test on Monday. Avoiding the dumb test was the principle (sp) reason I didn't want to go to school, but it turns out I still have to do it. Just brilliant, man. Totally cool and all.

Had a debate workshop thing for the ECA. This woman was the um, I don't know, lecturer, whatever the word is. She's funny and nice. I'm not interested in debate (except maybe the talking part where I get all the attention) so the whole thing was kind of, "Oh, okay, that's nice."

So tomorrow I would be going for a lunch date with Gen at someplace public. I'm thinking town again. Like, Orchard Road and all. But I don't know. He has to work. Time would be pretty tight. I apparently have to go for some concert at 8.15 later on in the day, so I guess I'd have to be home early.

I would discuss it with him when he calls me tonight. I called him last night before I slept and I had a wonderful night. I dreamt of him. My house turned into a restaurant and he was staying here and it was at night, and my father didn't know about me and him, so I sneaked out of my room into the living room, which is just a few steps away, really, and we sat on the sofa and we made out. It didn't last for very long and it wasn't as intense and, well, sexual as Monday, but it was nice because there was love in it.

Today is Cheryl's birthday. Not yesterday. Bad memory.
Tags: dreams, first boyfriend, secondary school

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