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Great entertainment from last night.

I am currently dying over the impending Nightmare Final occurring at 10. And it's not even the match yet, so imagine how I'd be decomposing when it starts. My brain tells me Roger has to meet Nadal at some point, more than once, and that he has to beat Nadal at some point; my brain also tells me that it's better for him to meet Nadal in a non-Grand Slam final than yet another Grand Slam final.

But my heart, oh my heart. It cannot take watching Talent lose to Brawn. It just cannot. My heart will break for Roger if he loses again, and he's likely to lose again unless he goes out there and blows Nadal off the court by...I don't even know.

In any case, I will stop talking about how nervous I am because it's just going to get worse, so instead I'll talk about the hilarious SMSes I received from Tong last night during the Del Potro match. They are too good not to be shared.

1. he (Roger) can't lose. I would mortgage my house and bet on him now. Fedex, can he stop giving chance, this is not a charity drive for argentina.

2. ...i give Fedex ten minutes to break the joker's serve. The question we should ask ourselves now is, how much did they pay Fedex to give chance.

3. I shall stay awake to watch Potty's demise. I give Fedex 10 minutes to send this joker packing.

4. [In response to me saying something about entertaining me with a joke because I was falling asleep] Just look at Potty. I don't know what better joke I can possibly come up with.

5. This guy is really........ I pity the idiots who bet money on him. The money would be better spent buying a dead cat from the pet shop.

6. If this guy rises beyond world no. five. I will chop all my limbs off.

My favourite is definitely the one in bold. I still can't stop laughing at it. (Del Potro is from Argentina, by the way.)

But really - poor Del Potro! He's really not that bad. It's just that he sucks whenever he has to play Roger because Roger is Just That Good. And yeah, I'm totally not biased.


On another note, I was introduced to a website where I can bet on tennis. All things remaining equal (i.e. if I didn't have less than a hundred bucks in my bank account - no shit. I need to deposit my cash ASAP), at first blush it's quite a good idea. Since I watch so much tennis, I might as well make some money out of it, right?

But I thought about it further and I realised that I don't quite want to reduce my enjoyment of, and burgeoning love for, tennis to a mere matter of making a few easy bucks. I think I might enjoy tennis a little bit less if the outcome of a match is hinged on something as petty, albeit objectively important, as money. Call me a romantic, accuse me of unreasonably romanticising something that is objectively just a sport, just a tennis match...but that's the way I feel. Not to mention the potential addictiveness of the whole enterprise, the downward spiral into an abyss of obsession and addiction blah blah blah thing. I can see how it can be addictive, especially if some freak accident happens and you end up losing money betting on a match that you thought is a sure-win, but turns out not to be (because every match is a new match and all that).

At the same time, it IS quite tempting. I suppose it's a good thing that I'm really quite shit broke now so I don't even have the money to bet even if I wanted to!

We'll see which side of me eventually prevails, yeah?


45 minutes to the nightmare final. HELP. I'm freaking out already. This is insane.
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