anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Most tiring tennis session. EVER. EVER.

I think I feel like how Tong felt after he was forced to play an extra set in his squash match yesterday. I just want to die right now. I'm so damn tired. I can't believe my friend and I totally played tennis from 7 to 9.30. Seriously. He was practising his slices and drop shots so I was running everywhere, left right up down centre, trying to get to the ball and oh my god, I'm so tired. He made me run harder than Tong made me run yesterday.

What's with these guys and their love for the slice? I'm just jealous because I don't know how to hit it.

I'm quite pleased with today's session though. I actually hit a shot that I still remember, a backhand cross-court passing winner (WINNER!!!!) that wasn't one of my randomly-hit-and-see-where-it-goes shots. My friend was at the net and he hit a short ball which I was in position for, and at that moment I thought, "OMG TOTALLY PASS HIM NOW" and I whacked the backhand crosscourt, deep, and he was left stunned at the net.

Bwahahaha. That was the only memorable shot I hit while my friend hit like ten million, one of which was this SUPER LOW backhand down-the-line...pass? Well, I think it was a pass 'cause it sure passed by me really quickly. And I also felt like Del Potro and Nadal once more against Federer, standing so far back and unable to make it in time to return the drop shots. Ugh. I shall valiantly try harder next time.

I'm too tired to continue. I'm too tired to even SHOWER. But I have to. I shall keep the clothes-washing till tomorrow; I can't do it right now. So damn tired.

And I'm voting for Kris for four hours tomorrow. How exciting! I wonder if my love for Kris is strong enough to get me through the whole four hours. FOUR HOURS. That's freaking long!
Tags: playing tennis, wei chuen

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