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The fitness test left me extremely drained. I passed though. It was a serious waste of time as I could've spent the afternoon with Gen. I miss him. I know, I just saw him last Friday, but still!

Anyway. I did a Maths test today and got it back this afternoon. 10/45. I think it's around 22%. I saw my mark and burst out laughing. The highest mark in class was 13/45, the lowest zero (I did not make that up), so I didn't do too badly, right? The shitty thing about it is that I am back in fucking remedial again. How nice. How very nice.

Wish I could type more but daddy is being annoying and he wants to use the computer. He should get his own computer so that I can have this one all to myself. I can't chase him off, but I can always chase my brother off. So, yeah.

Tomorrow is Labour Day! No school!

No Gen either.
Tags: first boyfriend, secondary school

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