anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

American Idol 2009 is...


I'm in a state of shock. Kris winning wasn't impossible, but with the way the show was set up, all these performers towards the end (which I only watched - couldn't wake up in time to catch the whole thing) that were right up Adam's alley, I thought Adam had it in the bag.

Oh my god. Kris actually won.

There are so many wonderful things about this outcome but I can't be coherent right now.

I had tears in my eyes, I'll admit that much. Tears. Now I'm actually really bummed that I couldn't watch last year's results live; I would've BAWLED watching Cookie get crowned live.

I'm so happy for Kris. About to cry happy tears all over again.

More coherent entry later, hopefully.

Tags: american idol, kris allen

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