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Haters can go DIAF.

Well, I guess I should've known my epic perfect week is too good to be true. Just like how Roger's victory in Madrid was diminished by stupid Nadal fans banging on about how tired Nadal was after his 4-hour semi-final, nevermind that him needing to take 4 hours to beat Djokovic has nothing to do with Roger, now annoying assholes online and in the press are banging on about how Adam losing/Kris winning means that homophobia has won, that America has been swallowed up by conservative Christian red states, yadayadayada.

One word (counting courtesy of Kara DioGuardi): Shut up.

Or rather, shut the fuck up. I'd be more willing to entertain such nonsense if Danny Gokey was the one that had won. Danny Gokey embodied the conservative Christian red state way more than Kris did. In fact, Kris never did. Adam said it best himself when he said that he and Danny have their differences, so they just agree to disagree. And yet he's such good friends with Kris - doesn't that tell you a lot? Because it tells me a lot. Two Christians, one gets along so well with the resident gay dude and even painted one of his thumbnails black (or was it blue?). I mean, really. Kris Allen's victory is a sign of homophobia winning? REALLY? simply cannot be serious.

I just don't understand why people have to be so damn negative about things. Notwithstanding how Idol is not a political arena, I just don't understand why it has to be OMG AMERICA IS HOMOPHOBIC!! and not OMG AMERICA ACTUALLY CHOSE THE ACCEPTING, TOLERANT CHRISTIAN OVER THE CONSERVATIVE ONE! I thought the Kradam friendship speaks for itself, but apparently it doesn't. And it pisses me off.

More importantly, all these "why Adam lost" stories are so fucking stupid and insulting, it boggles the mind. And if you really want my honest opinion, Adam didn't lose anything. Kris won the title; Adam didn't lose it. And I'd still be saying the same thing if the reverse had happened. Kris won because he is awesome, and because he is awesome, he deserved to win. I don't pick talentless hacks as favourites, thank you very much (Blake Lewis, while vocally weak, had mad music skills. I still listen to his CD every now and then), and the fact that I dumped Anoop for Kris is a testament to Kris' immense talent. I could've just dumped Anoop and spent the rest of the season without a horse; but ever since Man in the Mirror, Kris made me look forward to seeing what he'd do - without me even knowing it. Ever since Ain't No Sunshine, Kris was the primary reason I watched the show. Kris worked his ass off, overcame the odds, broke the Idol machine, stuck his middle finger (figuratively; he'd never actually do that, I think) in the producers' faces and carried on doing what he did, he worked his ass off to reach the top 2, and his actually winning is just the icing on the cake for me. In this sense, Kris deserved it more than Adam: He came out of nowhere, snuck up on everyone, and won the whole damn thing. His audition wasn't aired. His chair episode sing-off wasn't aired. He was only featured in Hollywood because he was in the same group as Matt Giraud. His Hollywood solo wasn't aired. He had no back story, no sob story, no one knew who the fuck he was before the semi-final, no one knew who the fuck he was after the semi-final, he got the pimp spot exactly once before the finale (when he chose to go second) while Adam went last so many times I lost count, and was denied his Ain't No Sunshine moment which was, IMO, the best performance that night, and he won the whole damn thing. Can you seriously tell me he doesn't deserve it? He fucking deserves it. And the next person to piss me off with his/her stupid "America is homophobic", "Kris Allen is talentless", "Kris Allen is boring" crap will seriously get it from me.

Kris Allen is kick awesome. Period. The haters can go die in a fire.

I totally saw this backlash coming which is why I half-hoped he wouldn't win. People want him as runner-up to Adam, not winner. Which is all kinds of stupid. I appreciate Adam, but I'm not his biggest fan because his style of music and his vocal acrobatics is just not my cup of tea. Comparing Kris and Adam as musicians is like comparing apples and oranges, and trying to decide who deserves to win more is also like arguing whether oranges or apples deserve to win a Battle of the Fruits compeititon. It all boils down to personal taste. No one is denying Adam is mad talented; it's just that he's not everyone's cup of tea. He certainly isn't my cup of tea, and the reason he's not my favourite is because I won't buy his CD. I still won't buy his CD despite growing to like him, and now adore him, when I started the season hating him. I'd go watch him perform live, but I won't buy his CD. Kris? I'd do both.

Fandom wars are extremely stupid and a waste of time, so I won't bother. I just won't. Clicking on the "Kris Allen" trending topic on Twitter has pissed me off so much I have vowed to just ignore it. Ignore the haters, ignore the haters, ignore the haters. As a Fedtard I've had to drum that into my brain; I'm sure it's not that hard to do with respect to Kris.


Before I completely ignore them though, I'd like to say one last thing: Elliot Yamin can go suck on a dick or two. Seriously. Slagging Kris off in the press is just classless and stupid. I seriously wonder if he isn't just jealous that Kris, whose Idol arc strongly mirrors Yamin's, actually won it all. Too bad for you Elliot. Too bad you're not as good-looking as Kris, too bad you're not as good as Kris, too bad you didn't win over enough people to win the way Kris did. Stop being so damn jealous and shut your stupid trap about my Pocket Idol.

No one talks smack about my Pocket Idol and gets away with it. I'm extremely defensive of my Little Idol that Could, and Did, because he's been bussed repeatedly by the show, insulted by Simon Cowell (who didn't even stand when he won. Simon is also 100% DEAD. TO. ME), belittled and underestimated, the whole world, and he deserved none of it. He's KICK AWESOME and that's the end of it.

Okay have to shower.



This article is...a much-needed drop of water after days of being stranded in the fucking Sahara:

Many of tomorrow's headlines are going to label Kris Allen's victory an "upset" or "surprising" or even "shocking." It's none of those things, really. Kris deserved it, and he earned it. Had Adam Lambert come out on top, I'd be saying the same thing. After Kris' awesome rendition of Ain't No Sunshine during Top 9 Week, though, I became convinced he'd go all the way. Heartless was just icing on the cake.

Some of Adam's fans won't accept what happened tonight. A friend forwarded me an e-mail from another friend titled "Kris Allen is a pillar of mediocrity ..." shortly after Kris' win. Her response:

It's official. We've crowned another tepid John Mayer/Jason Mraz. THRILLING.

Well, it is THRILLING. Kris, a guy who wasn't even supposed to be in the Top 13, winning the whole shebang?! That's what Idol is supposed to be all about. My problem with Adam really has nothing to do with him -- I think he's brilliant. It was the way the show and the judges pushed him so hard so often, probably the most blatant display of favoritism in the show's history. Idol, of course, is based on the idea of America choosing a winner, not Simon demanding we vote for the contestant he views as a worldwide star/cash cow, the same one who gets to grace the cover of a national magazine all by himself before the competition is even over. That hurt Adam more than anything else. Besides, he should be thanking his lucky stars he didn't have to sing No Boundaries one more time. Adam Lambert will be just fine.

Calling Kris "tepid," a "pillar of medicrity" and your average "guitar-strumming frat guy" -- another memorable line from my friend's e-mail -- is a tad harsh. OK, it's a lot harsh. Kris' rendition of Ain't No Sunshine was sensational -- both times. He consistently chose great songs (Falling Slowly, To Make You Feel My Love) and made some pf them even better with new arrangements (She Works Hard For the Money, Come Together). There was nothing average about what he did with his stripped-down version of Heartless. Just Kris and his guitar, baring his soul in front of 25 million-plus people, with a song Kanye West "sang" on that very stage not two months earlier. That took guts. That won him the competition.

What Not To Sing makes a really important point about Kris' Idol run:

Of the final eight solo performances that Kris Allen gave this season in which he chose his own song, four of them rank among the Top 7 rated efforts of Season Eight. ...

Down to what most people expected would be his swan song performance in the Final Three, he unexpectedly turned a rap song into a spectacular folk-blues anthem and survived. Then in Tuesday's Finale, he did something that no Idol before him - not Kelly Clarkson nor Clay Aiken nor Carrie Underwood nor anyone else - had ever done: reprised a five-star performance and scored even higher the second time around. Whatever else, if anything, went into Allen's victory, and whatever happens from here on out, nothing can take away the fact that his was the most spectacular late-season charge in American Idol history.

Anyone who was paying attention this season should have seen Kris coming like a freight train. He was no shocker. He was a shoo-in.

I totally agree.
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