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Ignore the previous entry; we're back to regular fangirl programming.</p>

Love this post-Idol interview that Kris did with Access Hollywood.

Love what he said about his friendship with Adam, that he hopes - and I'm paraphrasing - that people can learn something from it, namely, you can still love people even with all your differences. This is exactly why I adored the Kradam friendship so much. He also said that he hopes that in this day and age, people can accept Adam for who is he as much as they accept Kris for who he is.

SIGH. I love my Pocket Idol so much. He's such a wonderful dude.

Also, totally LOVED his rendition of that treacly Idol single on Access Hollywood. If he'd sung the song this way on the show itself, he would TOTALLY have had a moment with it. I got chills halfway through and I don't even like this stupid song. This is the Kris Allen Magic: Making otherwise-unlistenable songs listenable, and more importantly, emotional and relevant.

Trawling the Internet for more Kris interviews now. Because I have nothing better to do. Bwahaha.


ETA at 8.52 p.m.:

Read this on TWoP which not only reaffirmed my mad love for Kris, but also reminded me of why I love my friends so much:

Okay, so being from Little Rock definitely has its perks. My mom heard from a lady who's niece is good friends with Katy (Kris' wife) that Adam approached Kris' dad and complimented him on "how he raised him" saying: "He's the only Christian I've met that hasn't judged me." and that he "genuinely loves and accepts me for who I am." Of course I'm only hearing this through the grapevine, but I totally believe it.

Assuming it's true, and I'm inclined to believe it's true, this little tidbit warmed my cold, cold heart. In a way, he reminds me of all of my friends who are Christians, whom I'm very close to: non-judgemental, not just tolerant, but accepting. Maybe that is also one of the many reasons I adore Kris so much, that he truly feels like a real person to me because I myself have so many wonderful Christian friends who accept and love me for who I am.

You know, I haven't had a favourite on Idol who's as devout a Christian as Kris is. David is/was agnostic (dunno if that's changed since he put it on his pre-Idol MySpace page) and I didn't follow my other favourites close enough to know the depths of their religious beliefs, or non-beliefs. I've always wondered how I'd take to a religious Idol contestant, because the ones that have appeared on the show so far, at least as far as I can remember, haven't really been the kind of Christians that I could be friends with.

Kris? He could be any one of my many Christian friends, because he is just so nice, so accepting, so genuine. And accepting. I feel really fortunate to have such wonderful friends. :)

Right, sap over. Gonna go yell at my dad to get out of the bathroom so that I can shower. I sweat like a pig just now, washing my clothes. Yucks.

Lastly, this is awesome:

So glad Kris' Idol single is doing well. So glad his other songs are doing well. So glad to see Adam doing well, and finally, stoked to see David's Permanent charting on iTunes as well. Yay!


ETA 2:

Okay seriously, this is so cute I'm gonna die of diabetes:


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