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(Roland Garros 2009) First round matches.

So I cancelled my evening plans after I found out Roger's playing the third match today. I was half-ambivalent about whether I should just go out anyway, since Roger is playing after Safina and Nadal - which sometimes means he'd only take the court until much later, because Safina sometimes goes on weird walkabouts and takes forever to close out matches, and Nadal. He turned a three-set Masters series match into a four-hour death duel. All his matches - at least the ones I half-watched - seem to take ten million years.

In the end, though, I decided I couldn't risk missing even one second of Roger's match, nevermind that it's just the first round against some #97 I've never heard of. Despite the assured victory, it's still the first round of the second Grand Slam of the year. It's still a Federer match. And most importantly, I'm dying to see his new outfit after being forced to tolerate the boring blue/navy one of the past two clay tournaments.

So yup, here I am, writing this useless entry. I was going to bitch about Nadal and how he's totally letting his 30-year-old Brazilian (hot) qualifier opponent hang around after winning the first two sets 7-5, 6-4, but he's now up a break in the third and should be able to wrap it up soon. Here's hoping, anyway. I haven't showered despite sweating like a pig and I'm waiting until Roger's match is over to shower 'cause I'm just gonna sweat in the living room anyway which defeats the purpose of showering. But ugh, I'm THIS close to not being able to stand it. It's so damn hot. What the hell is wrong with this dumb island.

Anyway, Safina totally made her opponent cry when she beat her to the ground 6-0, 5-0. Her poor opponent had her face buried in her towel during the changeover. Poor thing. She was even up 40-0 in the last game, but made some weird errors and Safina won it 6-0 in the end. Amazing stuff. Safina's amazing. A-MAZING. Definitely my favourite female now.

Also, I'd much rather watch the Newcastle/Aston Villa match than to watch Andy Murray. My brother hijacked the TV last night when I was watching the French Open, and it was Murray so I didn't complain. I didn't care. Murray is so fucking boring, and so objectionable, and so annoying, I just want to slap him everytime I see him. The fact that he said Nadal has an easy road to the final and Roger has a tough time basically means he thinks he's no match for Nadal - because he's in Nadal's half. What a moron. He's not going to make it past the quarter-final. And the guy he played yesterday, whatever Chela (?), what the fuck, dude couldn't play tennis. It was utterly tragic, or at least, what little I saw of it was. Murray is so boring. I'm even bored bitching about him, so moving on now.

If Stan loses his first round match, I'm going to be very sad.

Okay, Nadal's up 4-1. FINALLY. Hurry up. Two games away from Roger Time. I can't wait anymore.



WTF Nadal broken while serving for the match.



FINALLY. Finished it off 6-3. Waiting for Roger to take the court now!
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