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Have I ever mentioned how much I hate titling my entries?

I'm really tired right now from this afternoon's tennis, and I'm craving like fucking mad for a tiramisu. From Original Sin. It's even so specific, right down to the type of tiramisu I want and the place that sells it. ARGHH I WANT FOOD.

Too lazy to drive out though. But ugh. If only Original Sin was 24 hours and did deliveries. Bleah.

Anyway, tennis today was strange. Wearing my new shoes actually impeded my movement more than anything...which makes sense, 'cause you need to break them in and stuff. And those bloody Barricades are super chunky, and they even felt too big (too late to return. Obviously). And, yeah, it was an odd day. I felt really dehydrated, and my feet felt super heavy, and I wanted to hit perfect backhand shots so badly that everytime the ball came to my backhand side I'd spaz, freeze, move my feet too late and hit a lousy one.

Ironic, right? Bleah. I think I need to stop cursing at myself and calling myself stupid when I mishit the ball, lest my partner thinks I'm cursing him. And it's quite energy-sapping. I dunno. I'm really tired right now and I want a tiramisu. And I'm still wondering how much longer I can stand being bad at this before I give up.

No wait, I want to upgrade to a better racquet which I will pay for when I have an actual, though unofficial, semi-income, so...I guess I can't give up anytime soon. Sucks, really.

The guy I played with today had a schizophrenic backhand, like he didn't know if he preferred a one-handed or double-handed. His forehand was pretty decent though. Definitely better than mine. No one can have a worse forehand than me I swear - NO FREAKING ONE.

Anyway, on another note, I bought cologne for my brother today haha. His birthday is tomorrow and I'm tired of buying him t-shirts and wallets (which he always loses) and shit so I bought him cologne. Mostly because...well, I personally have a weakness for nice cologne (once I developed this stupid thing for this guy just because I was attracted to his cologne. Needless to say the attraction didn't last very long ha ha ha) and I think all men should wear cologne, and my brother doesn't have the habit of doing so (neither does my dad) and I think it's time for him to start. Yep. I mean, he doesn't need to attract anyone since he's happily attached and have been way longer than all my relationships combined, but maybe his girlfriend will like it? Even if she doesn't, I like it and so he better use it when he receives it tomorrow. If not...I'M GONNA BE DAMN PISSED.

I can't wait for dinner tomorrow, omg. We're eating at Sheraton and just thinking about the amazing bread and butter pudding is MAKING ME EVEN HUNGRIER. I need to stop thinking about food. Now.

I met Rui, Chloe and Jolie at Vivo for lunch today. It was great seeing them! I hadn't seen Jolie in forever. Wish we could've stayed longer but well, everyone had somewhere to go. And anyway we'll be seeing a lot more of each other starting next week, which is the only saving grace in this whole "work is starting" situation.

Meeting Rui and Mag at Timbre last night was great too. The band (I don't know who they were. Though I probably should) played great songs from upper primary/lower secondary years, like Oasis and the Barenaked Ladies (amazing the dude could sing One Week. It's SO fast. Had no idea what he was singing. Same goes for the original) and I was happily singing along. Fun times. I had to drink some shit mocktail though 'cause I drove and I'm a responsible person who doesn't drink and drive. That, and I don't like alcohol anyway (though if I didn't drive I would've had some random beer or whatever) so it wasn't too much of a loss. The point really was the company, not the drinks, so it was all good.

So I came home in time to watch Nadal win his match (duh), and then watch my poor Marat Safin choke away his one break lead in the final set of his match against some random French wild card guy who's ranked some 100-something in the world. I mean, it was just sad. Like, tragic. There's no tie-break in the fifth set of Grand Slams so they had to keep playing until someone got the break of serve and win by two games. Marat held serve all the way until 8-9, saving many match points in the process, and then made two unforced errors serving at 8-9, and then the wheels came off and then...he lost. 8-10. What the fuck. The French crowd - half of it anyway - was also really rude to him, which is to be expected since he played a French player. But still, omg. It was so sad. They booed him when he did his usual Marat throw-racquet thing and cheered when his first serve went out. It was just super rude. I also got the impression the two players were pretty out for blood, and not in the usual competitive way. At one point one of Marat's shots hit the net cord and fell over to his opponent's side on an important point (break point? 30-all? can't remember). He apologised and was walking back to serve the next point, but his opponent said something to him at the net or whatever (it was off-camera) and Marat, all pissed, sauntered over to the net and kissed the net cord.

I was half-afraid he wouldn't shake hands after he lost, but thankfully, he did. Despite his temper and racquet-throwing, he's quite good-natured about things. Probably because this is his last year on the pro tour and so he's taking losses not so hard. Or something.

I can't type anymore. Right wrist hurts. Shall go watch more tennis now.
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