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Primal Fear, the movie

This entry contains spoilers for "Primal Fear". So if you haven't watched it and want to and hate movies being spoiled for you, skip this.

Okay. "Primal Fear" sucks. I saw it primarily because it's Edward Norton's breakthrough performance (his first role, and Oscar-nominated!), and I like Ed, and also because the plot sounded interesting. (, and type "Primal Fear" for details.) The film was actually pretty good, until they got to the second last scene, when Aaron, Ed's character, turned into a total bastard, and they say that he has been pulling everyone's legs all the while. (Aaron pretended to be suffering from multiple personality disorder.) That could work in ANOTHER film with ANOTHER character, but not with Aaron. I hate it when they do that. They build this really sympathetic character that you actually care for, and then when they're about to end they twist everything around just to give the audience a "shock". Well, guess what? I wasn't shocked. I knew they were going to do that. I see it in "The Practice" all the damn time, and I'm sick of it. I really liked Aaron, okay? I know he's just a character, but you should see how Ed played the passive side. He is so innocent, so fragile, so vulnerable, all you want to do is to embrace him and hold him close to you. And they made him a twisted, fucked up, psycho killer! The humanity!

I'm so disappointed with the ending, I could just cry. And I swear, Edward Norton is just brilliant. He's now one of my favourite actors. There's this part when the shrink was questioning Aaron, and he was getting upset 'cause she was asking about his girlfriend (which you'd find out in the end that he KILLED), and suddenly you see this look of anger and hatred in his was like, one second ago Ed played vulnerability, and in the next, he became hate. God! I literally gasped when I saw that.

My mom thinks Richard Gere is good-looking. All I can say is, ew.

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