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How do I even begin to put into words how flukish this was? First, I missed the deadline for the general ballot, so I signed up for British Tennis membership (25 pounds or so for the whole year - dirt cheap) to get into the BTM central ballot, hoping that some miracle would occur and I would be allotted tickets to THE most prestigious tournament in tennis history.

Second, I completely missed the email from BTM telling me that I was successful - and the email was sent on 8 March. Not only that, my offer was slated to expire on 22 March 2013. It just so happened that tonight, 26 March 2013, I logged in to my BTM members area because I wanted to find some places to play tennis and I saw that I could check if I'd been successful in the ballot. After failing to decipher some super obscure captcha shit and finally getting it right (I resorted to listening to the audio version and couldn't make out what the fuck the ghostly woman was saying in her ghostly voice), I found out that I was successful.

Third, FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON WHICH I DON'T REALLY CARE ABOUT, my offer had NOT expired even though it's 4 days past the deadline.

Fourth, this is perhaps the most flukish part - the tickets are for the second Monday of the tournament. Roger won last year, and as defending champion, he will open the tournament on Centre Court on the first Monday of the tournament. The players play once every two days, and normally it would mean that he would play on the first Sunday of the tournament, then on Tuesday for the second week...but there is no play on Sunday for Wimbledon because it's a tradition or some shit. Which means: HE'S GOING TO PLAY ON THE SECOND MONDAY OF THE TOURNAMENT.

I am assuming, of course, that he doesn't lose in the first week. It's a pretty reliable assumption to make, considering he hasn't lost in the first week of grand slams since I don't even know when (2001? 2002?). It IS entirely possible that he'd carry the bad form that he's displayed so far this year to Wimbledon and totally destroy me by losing in the first week, but obviously, I hope that doesn't happen. If all goes well, I will get to see him in Wimbledon. I would totally sacrifice some essays-writing time to attend the tournament, especially if I'm going to watch him.

I may also have the chance to get some debenture tickets. I had lunch with my cousin's friend on Saturday at this great Mexican place that he brought me to (after getting us lost for 40 minutes, that is) and he told me that the bestwoman at his wedding has debenture tickets to No. 1 Court. Roger will get a match there in the first week and it's going to be a working day so she probably won't attend - which means I could get my hands on it! Debenture tickets are fucking expensive (much as I love Roger, I'm not paying 700 pounds to watch him routine some mug in his first match - and that's how much the debenture tickets for Centre Court are) but my cousin's friend said that his friend is "flexible", so hopefully I don't have to fork out half my savings for the ticket...

I AM SO EXCITED!!! I love life and London so much right now.


I intend to wake up early later today and go to school to sort out my Jurisprudence formative essay, so I should go to bed now.

I have decided to do the question on Negri and Derrida. I tortured myself reading Negri in the library yesterday while half-asleep and tired as hell due to the brittle cold weather, and I still have no idea what his views on law are. It's so annoying - in the assigned readings he doesn't really address the issue directly. If it weren't for the fact that I am so besotted with Derrida's legal theory, I would just do the Habermas question and save myself a lot of grief.

Alas, that is not to be. Then again, there's no fun to be had in the easy way out, is there?


Edited to add: Also just found out that I get a discount on the ATP World Tour Finals tickets as a British Tennis member. YESSSSS.
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