anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Shit entry

Oh my god, I got a 74 for my Jurisprudence essay.

Shocking. I wonder if my professor would be as shocked as I am when I saw this after she reads my horrendous mock exam which reads like a secondary school essay and doesn't answer the question. Yay!

I hate exams.


Played tennis for four hours today. I really hate losing to someone who can't play properly, but I only have myself to blame for making mistakes all over the place. My partner, to his credit, really hits those short balls really well, so sometimes I just have to say 'too good'.

I kind of find it annoying how people in London say 'unlucky' when someone misses a shot. When I miss a shot, it has nothing to do with luck; it's simply because I played it badly. Speaking of playing badly, my backhand was so off which made me sad, but I was hitting my forehand pretty well.

I am SO tired. I have classes from 12 to 5 with no breaks, and I forgot to buy breakfast so I have to go to bed now in order to wake up at 9 and get myself a nice heavy breakfast before embarking on my back-to-back classes.
Tags: llm, playing tennis

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