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swimming in the pacific ocean

Today this military/symphonic band from some Hong Kong English Catholic college came to the school and played a few songs. It was funny. As in bad-funny. They had formations, okay? They moved while they played, and I think it was really, really funny. Almost wanted to laugh, but can't, 'cause we were standing on the field and they were playing on the track, and I was third in line. The classmate in front of me kept telling me how she wanted to laugh, which only made things worse, as it made me want to laugh even more. I'm not trying to be mean (of course NOT!), but I think their uniform is THE funniest thing I've ever seen. It's red. They wear hats. Their hats have this yellow feather-ish thing attached on top. It makes you feel like plucking it.

If not, it makes you feel like laughing.

Anyway, had spaghetti for lunch while watching two episodes of "Dark Angel" that I taped a while back but haven't watched. After the spaghetti I finished 1/4 tub of strawberry-vanilla ice-cream. It was gooooood. For the tastebuds, at least. Definitely not for the stomach.

Was completely lost during Maths. Doing approximation using differentiation or whatever, and I think I said, "the hell?" at least 5 times. Actually, I don't even know WHY I'm typing about something so dumb, but I am, so...tough shit?

My English teacher told me today that I was mature for my age. She said it's because I reflect on things that are happening around me or in my life, or something like that. She said it was a good thing. I totally beg to differ. About it being good, that is. I don't know, sometimes it's hard to be, you know, introspective and be happy at the same time. I think so much and all the time, sometimes I get bummed out by my thoughts. I'm pretty obsessive, I think. I don't know, I just want to be a kid, you know?

Well fuck it, who knows what anyone really wants?

Another pointless entry.

Tags: hilarious people, personal, school, secondary school

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