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thank you silence

I got a really awesome review from here. I kept laughing throughout, especially when I read "feather". Haha! If you're reading this, graffiti, 'cause I don't know your name, why in the bloody frigging world did you call me "feather"?! Hehe. I had a good laugh out of that.

I had a really great dream with Johnny Depp. I'm not a fan of his or anything. He's okay. But god, that dream was awesome! He was my boyfriend! And he was so incredibly sweet! I mean, yeah. I can't even remember all of it, just this one scene, where me and Mr. Sexy were going out on a date with two other people. I thought that other guy was hot, but Mr. Depp was so good to me. I can't even remember what we did or what he said or whatever, if he said anything but I assume he did, but the way he looked at me? The way he smiled at me and touched me? Sent me straight to heaven. This was another dream when I experienced the love-like feeling. I had a few of those before. I have a slight love-hate relationship with these dreams...I like them, because they're great and make me smile and stupid stuff like that, but at the same time, it's a bit depressing, because I don't really, you know, have it. In my life. But anyway, it was good.

School sucked. I hate P.E. I got back Social Studies test. 3/25. 0 for the first essay. I turned a structured essay (translation: facts and no opinion) into an argumentative one. I bet the teacher doesn't know that I did it on purpose. Of course I bloody knew I wasn't supposed to start critising how shit I think the Singapore education system is! When I did the test, my mind was a total blank, and I didn't even care. I didn't even care what I wrote, I just let my hand to the job and switch the brain off. So I produced an argumentative essay. Oops. Who cares.

On the bus after school I was very irritated. It was so crowded at the front, where I was, and the retards from my school doesn't know that it is only polite and considerate to move to the back. They were all crowded at the standing area, 'cause the buses have a space for people to stand away from the...passageway? Anyway, they were all crowded there, and I was squeezed between a couple of seats and the crowd of morons from my school behind me. Then this creepy guy boarded the bus at the next stop, and for some reason or other, he stood so close to me. Way too close for comfort. Like that wasn't enough, I was all hot and irritated, and this annoying boy about 13 or so was sitting on the seat, and when he wanted to get up he was like, "S'cuse, s'cuse." Didn't it occur to him that the polite way of asking someone to get the fuck out of your way is "excuse me"? God! I was so pissed off, I toyed with the idea of telling him, "Could you be more polite, you fuckwit?" I mean, honestly. Why should I let him move? It was crowded. The bus was moving. He was so damn rude. Why couldn't he just said "excuse me" and not "s'cuse", like some uneducated, stupid brute? And it wasn't like he's uneducated, he was wearing his freaking school uniform!

People! I swear! They're so dumb sometimes!

I fell asleep on Bus 173 again. Yeah.


Tags: dreams, grades, rant, school, secondary school, stupid people

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