anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

I can't write my exam, hence this entry.

1. Stupid Monte Carlo umpires keep score in French. It's not even French then English; it's purely French. What the hell? Since when did Monaco belong to France? Sure the tournament is technically played in France, but even the Bercy umpires announced the score in English. It bugs me to no ends when I hear things like "jeu Seppi" instead of "game Seppi", even worse when "15-love" and "30-all" and deuce are said in French 'cause I have no idea what they mean. Even DEUCE. It was originally French but I haven't the slightest idea what it sounds like in French. But my point is, what's with this Franco-centricity/centricism?! It's so irritating.

2. What's even more irritating? I'm trying very hard to write my Human Rights exam but it's fucking not coming along at all. NOT AT ALL. I can't even write the intro and why do I feel like my head is about to explode? ARGH. I hate this. HAAATE.

3. So the blood extraction today was scary but it could've been worse. I had to pee into a cup which was damn gross. The needle that the doctor used to extract my blood was SO long and thick, I nearly fainted and ran out of the room when I saw it. Thankfully the veins on my right arm are pretty prominent, so he was able to find a vein with just one injection. When my dad went to the clinic for his blood test, the doctor had to poke him not twice, not three times, but FIVE TIMES before he found a vein. OMG, right? Therefore I say, it could've been worse. WAY worse. It wasn't even very bad, actually.

4. So let's hope I haven't contracted a major illness, yeah?

5. I've been shopping online like mad since last night. I spent the whole of this afternoon looking at random crap on Livejourbal. OHMYGOD. I need to step away from my laptop before I max out my entire bank account - which, yeah, is actually really probable. And likely. Shit, I'm doomed.

6. Re. Bangkok protests:

That silence, right there? That's my utter speechlessness at the lawlessness and rule-of-law travesty in that country. Sad, really. I wanna go back to Bangkok and eat but, well, I'm not too keen on being trapped at the airport for days, so maybe I'll pass.


Tennis ramblings:

1. Benneteau/Hernandez was fucking boring. I don't understand players that take forever between first and second serves. Seriously, stop dawdling and just serve your second. You have no one to blame but yourself for missing your first serve so just stop wasting everyone's time.

2. Clay court sucks. I don't get it. I don't get the matches I watched today. The players were just power-hitting from like 100000 metres behind the baseline. Like, who the hell wants to watch this kind of boring tennis? Yeah a few players rushed the net but all the rallies were slow and laboured and just...painful to watch. Or maybe it's just the quality of the dirt at Monte Carlo.

3. This is the first clay court tournament I'm following and so far, I'm not terribly excited. I can't wait for the dirt to be over; bring on the grass. I can't wait for the grass. So far, clay seems to be slow and boring. I don't like slow and boring tennis.

4. Lleyton Hewitt won his first ATP title in like forever! I'm so happy for him. I can't believe he and Marat are playing each other in the FIRST ROUND of Monte Carlo. That is a MUST-WATCH MATCH! I'd feel sad whoever wins 'cause I like them both!

5. I wonder how Ivo Karlovic is going to play on clay. And just for that curiosity and potential entertainment factor alone, I'll try to catch his match (and turn it off after two games because it'd probably bore me to tears).

6. Re. Andreas Seppi's match, seriously, who the hell would pay to watch a match in which a player's opponent pretty much spent the match self-destructing? The guy he played, Melzer, was terrible. Maybe he just had a bad day but towards the end I really wondered if he wasn't missing on purpose just so he could end the disastrous match ASAP. Poor Seppi, though, is going to lose in the next round 'cause The Federer is going to take him out! Hopefully he does better this year than last year; apparently Seppi troubled him last year. But then, Seppi seems to always trouble him anyway (Australian Open was a bit too close, yeah? Not to mention Doha!) so whatever. I'll just sit back and enjoy.

Right, back to the hair-tearing. How fun. UGH.
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