anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

(Monte-Carlo 2009) Federer d. Seppi 6-4, 6-4

Not quite a blow-out, but it was much better and easier match than the score suggests. Seppi had nothing on him at all and it was all about Roger and when he decided to finally win it. To be honest, I was bracing myself for a first-round exit Just In Case, and even had a feeling he'd lose; but boy, I'm so glad he proved me wrong.

Anyway, I have a freaking annoying essay to finish, so I'll just say these:

1. Ace on second serve - oh my god.

2. That break of serve he got in the second set? That was some truly magnificent stuff. It was the longest rally of the match and I was half-wondering when he was going to hit the ball out as he usually does when he gets into long rallies 'cause he's not the most patient guy ever, but once again he surprised me by finally hitting a winner up the line to Seppi's open court on his forehand side. Magnificent.

3. I asked him mentally to serve an ace twice, and both times he listened to me! See, Roger, the more you listen to me, the higher your chances are of winning!

4. Most importantly, above all else? ZERO DOUBLE FAULTS!

All things considered, I'd call this match a success. Very good, Roger! You deserve a pat on the back.

Lastly, it was lovely to see "Roger Federer's wife" below Mirka's name. :)
Tags: monte carlo masters, roger federer, tennis

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