anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Buses SUCK.

STUPID RAIN IN MONTE-CARLO!!!!! Roger's match has been delayed by like three hours and he's now playing at 9.30 p.m. which means I'm gonna miss my American Idol! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SHIT! ARGH.

I mean, I know Kris is safe (it popped up on my Facebook newsfeed) so that's good, but I don't know who went home and half the fun in watching Idol is to watch the results unravel! Of course they always have stupid guest stars that I don't care about and I hate the fact that the results show is always 45 minutes of filler at least, but it's still American Idol! And, wow, Starhub is so slow at night, nothing can be downloaded.

Maybe I'll just watch Roger for 30 minutes then watch Idol and record Roger's match which I'm recording anyway.

But I'd DIE if I don't know how Roger's doing and I won't focus on Idol anyway.

I blame the stupid bad weather for my current predicament. ARGH STUPID RAIN.


On another note, I'd like to announce that I am spoiled but I don't care, because I HATE TAKING BUSES.

I decided to save some money for once and took a bus home from Kent Ridge, since 963 goes directly to my house. It's one of the 2 buses that do that actually go to places not called Bukit Batok or Jurong. It was my first time taking a bus in virtually forever and I'd completely forgotten how anal bus drivers could be.

Actually, I don't remember coming across an anal bus driver ever, just one PRC woman who couldn't speak English and annoyed me, but in any case, I bought coffee from Spinelli before I headed to the bus stop, and when the bus arrived I still had about half my coffee left. I wasn't even going to board the damn bus because the entire ITE whatever (the one opposite KR divided by the AYE) boarded my bus, but when I saw that there was still some space on the bus after everyone had gone up, I decided to go up too. Two steps up the bus, and the bus driver looked at me and formed words at me. I thought he asked me to step in and tap my EZ Link card, which I'd lost a few months back, and so I told him I was paying coins, how much was it to Hillview?

Next thing I knew he pointed at my coffee and said that I couldn't drink it on the bus and that I had to finish it before I could board the bus. I still had half a cup left, and so there was no way I was going to suck it all down. Stunned and fucking pissed off, I just stared at him incredulously for three seconds, then hopped off the bus in anger.

I mean, seriously. I even noticed he had a packet of tea or whatever hung at his seat, and it didn't occur to me then to point at it and say, "Um, you're drinking too." Fuck my stupid slow brain and my dumb-ass stupidity. You know I was SO pissed off after I got off the bus that I took my rage out on my poor Nike bag and my tennis racquet - practically flung them on the floor, and flung my wallet which I held in my left hand on top of my poor racquet.

Tried hailing a cab but the empty ones didn't travel anywhere near the left lanes - that also pissed me off. Thankfully another 963 arrived quickly enough so I didn't have to wait too long.

I hate buses. They're always too crowded, they're damn slow, and people fucking stink. People that had just came out of school smelled even worse than me, who had just played tennis for two hours. Seriously, what the fuck is this bullshit. Haven't they heard of something called DEODORANT? For fuck's sake.

And why did I even need to cab or bus? The car is in the repair shop after it got into a mini accident sometime last week. The door is slightly dented, looks gross, and my folks want it repaired. No, I didn't get into the accident; someone else did.

In any case, today's horrid bus-taking experience has just further reinforced how badly I need a car. I will absolutely DIE without one. Cabbing is too expensive and public transport makes my blood boil. I can't wait till we get the car back!
Tags: monte carlo masters, public transport sucks, rant

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