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I got this from Tea, who got it from Colleen, who wrote a really beautiful Joaquin prose.

Five CDs from your collection that you will never get tired of:
1. silverchair: Neon Ballroom
2. Radiohead: The Bends
3. Radiohead: Pablo Honey
4. Damn. I don't know.

Four vacations you have taken:
1. Malaysia - Fraser's Hill. I loved that place.
2. China - Well I forget what the place is called. Not Beijing or Shanghai. Oh, one part was called Lijiang.
3. Indonesia - Bali. The beach is great.
4. Australia - The Gold Coast. The guys are great.

Four songs you get stuck in your head frequently:
1. Right now: The third song on Coldplay's "Parachutes".
2. silverchair: Pins In My Needles
3. A dumb pop song.
4. Whatever else.

Four things you'd like to learn:
1. French
2. how to use professional filming cameras (I second that)
3. Law
4. Art

Four beverages you drink frequently:
1. Ice lemon tea
2. Water
3. Ribena
4. English tea

Four places to go in your area:
1. My area...that's funny...Orchard Road
2. The zoo
3. The airport
4. Chinatown on Chinese New Year's eve

Four things to do when you're bored:
1. Do surveys
2. Write stupid, senseless stuff, either as journal entries or poems/short stories.
3. Watch MTV
4. Very soon I'd be drawing up a character study of the main characters in Julius Caesar

Four things that never fail to cheer you up:
1. Claire's emails. They always make me laugh.
2. silverchair's music
3. Watching "Rebel Without A Cause", or simply thinking about it.
4. Did I mention Claire's emails?

About 20 years ago...
1. I wasn't born
2. 16 years ago, some hotel collapsed in Singapore in March. 4 months before I was born.
3. It was the 80's.
4. My parents were married. I think.

About 10 years ago...
1. I was six years old.
2. I wore Snoopy clothes
3. and looked like the biggest geek ever.
4. I came to Singapore from Taiwan. (I was born here, but we moved to Taiwan where we stayed for a few years. I think Mom wanted me and my brother to learn English, so we came back again.)

About 5 years ago...
1. I had my first crush.
2. I was a damn good swimmer.
3. I was in primary school.
4. and very innocent.

About 2 years ago...
1. Can we say teenage angst?
2. Like, serious teenage angst?
3. To the point where I believed I was suicidal?
4. Ian dumped me. As a friend. Now I hate who I was 2 years ago. I read my diaries, and go, "Shut the fuck up, you stupid poseur!"

About 1 year ago....
1. I almost didn't pass Secondary 3, but I made it.
2. I started to doubt my friendship with the friends I'm with now.
3. I became a movie-nut.
4. I discovered Jim Carroll, and my dumb poetry improved ever since.

1. I am alive, and kickin', and hanging on.
2. I'm getting more and more sentimental.
3. I'm trying to get my defense up again.
4. And embrace myself forever and ever.

Okay. Today's my dad's birthday. Went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. I wore the capri pants I bought in December, and I can't believe this, but it was actually tight. It wasn't when I tried it on in December! Bloody hell. I'm going to do 50 sit-ups every day from now on. I loved Dad's birthday cake. It was the mango one we got for Yunnie on her birthday. Yep. I'm tired, so I shall go. np: "Yellow" by Coldplay in my head.

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