anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

(Monte-Carlo 2009) Wawrinka d. Federer 6-4, 7-5

Oh my, Roger lost the first set.

Got broken in the first game of the second. American Idol ended in time for me to see him break Stan right back. 40-0 to deuce in the next service game but eventually held.

Andy Murray is down 0-3 HAHAHAHAHA.

Hope Roger wins, but won't be too crushed if he doesn't. Go Roger!

ETA at 11.59 p.m.:


Oh well, at least it was to Stan. And I still don't care about this tournament; I'm just glad I got to see Roger play two extra matches.

Stan was just too good. Roger didn't play THAT badly, though he could've played much better; but Stan was too good. When your opponent is playing lights out tennis, all you can do is say Too Good and move on.

Hope Stan wins this tournament! He can avenge his loss to Nadal at Miami.

And Murray broke back to take the first set into a tie-break. I swear, Andy Murray is The Thing That Just Won't Fucking DIE. I hate him so much.

AND he just won the tie-break. ARGH!!!
Tags: monte carlo masters, roger federer, stanislas wawrinka, tennis

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