anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

the new year

What I did on New Year's Eve:

-Watched Slam Dunk

-Hung out with classmates at the supposed 'class gathering.' They are still at the resort but I had things to do so I came home.

-Tidied up another little portion of my room. It's now in a mess because I cleared my secondary school shit a few days ago and haven't been really bothered to tidy it up completely.

-Wrote the traditional letter to myself.

-Wrote six poems, four about Rukawa. (Explanation later.)

-Wrote this rambling thing that is supposed to be poetic but I don't know.

-Listened to Jay Chou's all three albums while I tidied and wrote.

As my digital watch flashed '12:00' I realised that it's January 1. Which means it's Rukawa's birthday. So I thought, "Okay, I'd write something to commemorate this special day."

Okay, I didn't think that. I just thought I'd write something. So I got started. I wasn't really happy with the first one 'cause it was sort of weird, so I started on another. Finished it, wasn't happy, so I wrote yet another. Halfway through the fifty-word poem I realised that I had done a kind of vignette, so I decided to complete it by writing about his character. So viola, four poems were born, and they were all about a bloody anime/manga character.

My favourite is the third one, entitled 'Ace', about him as a basketballer. I think he's even better than Michael Jordan. Seriously.

Anyway. I'm not making any new year resolutions because I never keep them so I'm not going to waste my time. I was sleepy whilst writing that letter to self but after my poem marathon, I got quite um, energised. Kind of. I don't know. Does it matter?


Hits and Misses of 2002


1. Discovering Slam Dunk. I love it. I love it more than anything else right now (Joaquin Phoenix though is my perpetual obsession). I love the humour, the characters, the basketball scenes, Mitsui Hisashi, his voice, etc etc etc. I love the fandom, as I get to read great fanfics and I get to write a couple as well, and through it I get to know rather interesting people. It's all good, really.

2. The Two Towers. I don't think I need to elaborate.

3. Jay Chou's new album. I can't believe I actually know the lyrics to Chinese songs, and am able to write them. And getting tickets to his concert that I will attend in like, uh, ten days. Yosha.

4. Silverchair's new album, though I can't quite remember if I got it in early 2002 or late 2001. I think it's the former. Nevertheless, it's a great album.

5. Joaquin Phoenix in "Signs." Have you seen a sweeter man in an aluminium-foiled funny hat? Have you seen a more gorgeous ex-Minor League baseballer? Most importantly, have you seen a more talented actor? I didn't think so.

6. Getting that magical first kiss.

7. Taking life into my own hands and carpe diem-ing. By that I mean marching to Gen's workplace that day and doing what I did. It was pretty bold for someone like me and I'm glad I lived to tell the tale. Um, I'm talking about it like it's some great adventure. Actually, it was, for me.

8. Getting a zero on a Maths test. It was a relative velocity test. So damn funny.

9. Graduation and the fact that I didn't cry. I liked taking so many photos with so many people. I only wish I'd stayed longer so that I can have even more photos than I do right now. And surprise surprise, the ceremony wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. Didn't even mind the rehearsal.

10. Actually graduating and getting the heck out of secondary school. Been waiting for it for four years and it was finally done.

11. Passing my prelim exams. I honestly thought I would fail. Call it a lack of confidence if you must, but I call it being jaded, and practical. I mean, if you don't hope too high and the result is bad, you don't get disappointed. Similarly, if the result is good, you get to feel great, transient happiness. I got that, and it's good, I think. Better than nothing.

12. Getting my first A1 for English. Meaning for an exam, not for an entire term or whatever. I came close in Sec One and Three (A2s) but never really got it until last year. Then again, I should've got 80% and over but I didn't. Ah well.

13. Hanging out with the mates and having fun. Always good to have fun.

14. Dancing in Maths class to Blue's "All Rise". I wrote about it in this journal. I think it occured in February. The entry was titled 'baby, all rise.' Too lazy to link it so check it out for yourself if you want to. Anyway, I'd never forget that day for as long as I live. I got to see a relaxed side of my Maths teacher whom I have the utmost respect and admiration for. And it made me realise that the song is pretty damn catchy.

15. I can't remember that freaking many so I'll end this with 'etc etc etc.'


1. Damn O Level exams. Waste of time, waste of effort because nobody's going to care when you get a job, hated it, sucked, glad it's over though.

2. The break-up.

3. Not much else.

I'm sure there were lots of things that I complained and griped about but they must be insignificant for I don't and can't recall them.

Basketball is great. I want to marry Mitsui Hisashi.

Happy New Year.
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