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np: "Trouble" by Coldplay in my head.

Have to say something about Coldplay. Their video for "Trouble", the one where the lead singer was tied on the chair, totally captivated me. The song in itself is beautiful, and the video only enhanced it. I don't know, I really liked it.

Now I have to beg all my beloved readers (ha, ha) to answer something I'm about to ask. First, some background info: In school today Yunnie and Pearl, who sit opposite me, were discussing the way Taiwanese singer Vic Zhou (who's really cute) pronounces the word "make". People who speak English fluently pronounce it as "mayk", but Vic says "mack". He's Taiwanese. He doesn't know English. His solo single is entitled "Make A Wish". Anyway, so they were off about how funny it was, when it started to get to me. The thing is, my dad's Taiwanese. He speaks English as well as Vic does, maybe even worse. And the mates were just going, "Haha, 'mack', haha!"

Firstly, they can't speak Mandarin half as well as Vic does, or actually, Taiwanese do. I realise they weren't specifically making fun of Taiwanese...but it just really got to me, to the point I told it to their faces. I almost never lose my cool. I almost never let anyone know what I'm really thinking, because I tend to prefer to avoid confrontations. But it just got to me so much, I told them how I felt.

Reactions? "Whatever, man", "I wasn't even talking about your dad". Stupid things like that. I know they weren't specifically talking about my dad, but somehow, they were indirectly laughing at his English. I mean, FUCK, okay? I don't know if anyone can see it from my point of view, because they surely didn't, but the thing is, my dad speaks English like Vic does. If they could laugh at Vic's pronounciation of "make"...couldn't they just totally laugh at the way my dad speaks English too?

So now the question is: did I over react? Was I being overly-sensitive, because no one seemed to understand my outburst. Please tell me what you think, leave me a note, sign my guestbook, email me, whatever, just tell me what you think. I really want to know.

The speech thingy I mentioned yesterday. I fucked up. I was so nervous, which surprised me, because I usually don't suffer from stage fright. I had the paper in my hand, and I could memorise it, but saying the dumb speech in front of the 4 teachers in such an enclosed area just brought the nerves attack on. And it didn't help at all that one of the teachers taught me English in Sec. 2. She was the same teacher who told me, very bluntly, that I have problems speaking clearly. I'm thinking it has improved over the years, but god, I messed up on the stupid speech today. I didn't pause when I was supposed to. I rambled over a few words. I read from the paper! That was the worst part.

I just got an email with the subject heading, "Somebody has a crush on you!" From this crushmaster thingy. You know the stupid crush site? It's retarded. I deleted it without reading.

The poem I wrote today wasn't supposed to be entitled "9 a.m.". I wrote it at 9, during Maths, about the same time my volcano erupted, and I scribbled it on my Maths notebook because the teacher asked me to keep my foolscap, because she knew I was writing something on it that wasn't Maths-related, and I wrote "9 a.m." in the centre, and I thought it made an okay title, so....I haven't swore in a poem for so long. It felt freaking great.

Finally passed one Maths test. 15/25. Not too bad, considering. (That sentence was supposed to end like that.)

Short description from: Trouble by Coldplay.

Tags: angst, coldplay, family, friends, grades, rant, school, secondary school

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