anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

The Good Life

While walking alongside the road in the trendy part of east Berlin with the sun shining brightly behind me and the sky the richest shade of medium blue, the sound of street jazz music permeating the air, I thought, I am so happy right now.

On my birthday in Paris, while waiting for the fireworks: In the middle of the soprano warbling through Bizet's Carmen; looking up at the Tower glazed with gentle light: overwhelmed, momentarily but quite powerfully, by the beauty of the moment, maybe of the world.

The sight of the French flag swaying lazily, languidly in the light breeze beneath the top of the Tower. Can't help feeling (rather genuinely) that I should have been born French.


I am quite in love with Berlin. It's an entirely liveable city, if only I spoke the language. It's laid back and dynamic at the same time, and full of remnants from its discordant past, fraught with bad memories but imbued, nonetheless, with a spirit of the constantly moving forward.

I hope I will have the chance to experience its famous night life. We were too tired today so that was, sadly, a no go.

I am incredibly tempted to Arnaud's road trip idea. I want to see even more of Europe now. I simply can't get enough.

Tags: berlin 2013, europe, travel, via ljapp

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