anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Gonna die of heatstroke.

This fucking European summer.

When I complain to people about the heat, they go, "But you're from Singapore!" Yeah, I'm from Singapore where it's hot like hell every day of the year; and I'm also from Singapore where it's air-conditioned virtually everywhere. Does Europe understand the concept of air-conditioning, though? Does London? Does my accommodation? Hell to the fucking NO. It's apparently 24 degrees tonight and I'm sitting in my room sweating away because there's no air-con and I can't open my curtain to let more air in because people can SEE into my room, and obviously I don't want people to see me sleep without my pants on. It's 24 degrees apparently and it feels like 30 right now. I swear, this heat is making me ill - literally. I feel a flu coming on. My throat feels scratchy. My chest feels cough-y.

And the best part is, it's literally too hot for me to fucking work on my essay. It doesn't help that I get agitated when I get stuck, which is every 5 seconds, and my agitation only adds to the heat. I'm SO fucking annoyed. Apparently, this is the hottest summer in decades, which just goes to show how awesome my luck is: I was here for the coldest winter, and now I'm suffering through the hottest summer. I can't wait for the fall. I can't wait for colder weather. This is positively unbearable.


My essay is so fucked. Spent one whole day writing my intro and all I have is 500 words because I keep re-doing it, and I keep re-doing it because it SUCKS. How am I gonna finish it by Sunday? I don't know how, but it has to be done, somehow. It might be easier if I had AIR-CONDITIONING!!! If my laptop had a battery, I would actually write this shit in Apostrophe on High Holborn, which, to date, has the best air-conditioning in my usual haunts in London.

Maybe I'll just go there anyway and hand-write my essay.

Fuck, I can't believe I'm really facing this problem.


This will be my new Facebook profile picture after the current one runs its course:


Taken at Regent's Canal in East London.
Tags: llm, london, pictures, rant

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