anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Poor little rich girl.

I felt a lot like Blair Waldorf in the latest episode of Gossip Girl.


I managed to download the first set of 2007 Hamburg. Second set looks like it's going to fuck up anytime soon.


Bought Nike tennis shoes - 80 bucks. Oh my god! Forgot to buy socks though.


Wanted to buy this gorgeous dress from Isetan that wasn't too expensive but I realised it wasn't a very smart purchase seeing as I wouldn't have an occasion to wear it.


I love, love Chuck Bass. That jail scene? It really moved me. I'm so easy, aren't I?

I love, love Blair Waldorf too. Maybe I only feel sorry for her because I'm exactly like her.

And if I'm to believe Gossip Girls' tripe on writing, I should probably go out, get myself drunk, get myself into a situation where I wake up the next morning in a strange bed and missing my underwear. Seriously, how ridiculous, and Charlie Trout is possibly the worst name in the history of the universe.


You know, I'm so daft, but I never knew how fucked up Suharto's regime was. All the extra-judicial killings undertaken in the name of national security? It boggles my mind that anyone working under him could actually buy into that idea. It's utterly insane. And it went on for thirty years? I'm shocked and horrified.

Having said that, I hate reading articles about constitutional amendments. It's so fucking boring. I need to finish that Indonesia rule of law article ASAP.


Also, I caved and ordered tennis bootlegs. I just emailed another guy asking about his bootlegs. I might truly end up spending about a hundred bucks on this...well, at least I'd get to watch Roger receive his many, many trophies in good quality videos. Yay.


I haven't shopped in a really, really long time; months, I'm willing to bet. This is a definite record. And the most disturbing part? I don't feel like shopping. At all. Too lazy to go out, too lazy to try on clothes, and above all else, too disinterested.

I can't believe I just typed that. Evidently something is wrong with me.

And my download just stopped. ARGH. Fucking shit.

Tags: gossip girl, random, rant

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