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"China covered up milk scare to protect Olympics: critics"

China covered up milk scare to protect Olympics: critics

In particular: Chinese premier Wen Jiabao vowed over the weekend to work to restore his country's reputation, saying it was facing the problem "candidly".

Because it's all about China's reputation. That's the only thing at stake.

Missing the point much?

And how can you restore something that wasn't ever there?

Also, Jolie was right: No one gives a shit about China's gold medals anymore. In the light of this scandal, those medals that the Chinese athletes won are like old glitter made from cheap materials, stamped on and thrown away.

I can't understand a country that is capable of doing something like this. I can't understand the kind of mindset that would sacrifice its citizens for some fleeting, transient, and ultimately unimportant 15 minutes of fame. And did they honestly think the scandal would never come to light? This isn't the 1950's, 1960's; it's 2008. No matter how hard you try to suppress information, it will still come to light. It's only a matter of the manner in which it surfaces. Sure, this scandal would've negatively affected the Olympics, but the willful and deliberate suppression of such a vital piece of news just because of the Olympics, as some desperate bid to safeguard China's reputation (newsflash: China's only reputation is a bad reputation. What's there to safeguard?), simply smacks of bad faith, gross oversight, and a disturbing, cold calculating that gives little to no regard for human lives - especially that of its own citizens.

Babies have died because of this, and the Olympics is more important?

Please. Give me a fucking break.
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