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My Feder-Bear is here!

(Edit below)

As I type this my FederBear is staring at me with its small, black beady eyes. I love it. It's sooo adorable, and it says 'Federer' at the back!

Ahhh! I can't thank Lavan enough for being so kind as to buy it, AND ship it to me. I owe him one big time! As far as I'm concerned, Lavan, like, totally rules the world.

Man, I hope Roger doesn't skip out on the rest of the ATP season; if he does, he might not play KL. I'd rather avoid the hassle of going to KL for a night a week before my exams, but I wanna see Roger, and now that I have my Feder-Bear, I want him to sign it. If that happens, my bear would be my most prized possession, like, ever.

I love my bear!!! And yay, my Small Cow has another friend!

Okay, this is the most childish and retarded entry I've written in quite a while (but you're still not right about me being childish), but hey, it beats depressing emo-shit entries, right?


I'm so sleepy right now I could just fall asleep. I was really struggling very hard not to fall asleep in Conflicts just now. For some really warped reason, I nearly always have trouble falling asleep on Sunday nights - which is just horrendous, because Monday sees me forcing myself up at some ungodly 7-something a.m. to take a shower because I refuse to go to school with ugly bed hair. It won't be that bad if I only had one class on Monday, but it just so happens that Monday is my longest day of the week, from 9 to 5. Just like a mundane work day, eh? Bleah.

But anyway, like I was saying, I have trouble sleeping on Sunday nights...or more accurately, early Monday mornings. This morning I went to bed at 2.30 a.m., tossed and turned and unknowingly drifted into sleep, then woke up at 6 a.m. to pee. I was really sleepy, but couldn't sleep. Maybe I shouldn't drink my third cup of coffee for the day six hours before I'm due to sleep? Sounds like a good idea, no?

Fuck I'm so tired how am I going to play tennis later. ARGH. What the fuck was I thinking when I signed up for classes on Monday nights. I'm so retarded, I can kill myself right now.

And speaking of tennis - my parents are awful, awful people. They have absolutely zero faith in their daughter. My mom was saying how my dad was saying that my coach would ask me to go home halfway into the first lesson because I'd prove to be utterly hopeless at the sport. My mom added, "You'd probably be blown away by the wind; you're so tiny!"

In my defence, one, I am not tiny; and two, my mom was comparing my physique to that of the likes of Jelena Jankovic and Venus Williams, both of whom are slim but athletic and well-built. I am relatively slim but definitely not athletic.

But helloooooo I don't play tennis professionally, so there's absolutely no basis for comparison.

My parents are so mean. I'm going off into a tiny little corner to cry now.


ETA at 11 p.m.:

OMG. I am so damn tired, I can die right now. My legs are hurting like nobody's business and I swear it's from all the bending down to pick up balls more than anything else. TRAGIC. My arm doesn't feel any different than it usually does but that might change tomorrow morning.

I'm so tired. I'm gonna watch the 2007 Australian Open semi-final between Roger and Andy Roddick later on. Wouldn't be surprised if I fall asleep though. Have I mentioned I'm really tired?

I don't have much to say about the first time ever I played tennis, ever, except...I feel incredibly cheated. Roger makes it look so effortless, so easy...but it's not. It's ten times harder and more. When I was trying to whack the ball across the court I was in, my ball flew over to the adjacent court. A few times. I almost died. And my forefinger kept pointing upwards when I wasn't supposed to. It's damn annoying.

But it's damn fun nevertheless. Even though I'm rather hopeless. Still, I haven't sweat like this in literally years, and it wasn't like I perspired a lot tonight but it still felt kind of good anyway.

Downside is, I'm all sticky and I'm too tired to shower. But of course I will. Going to bed all sticky is just disgusting, and if I did that, there's no way in hell I'd announce it in such a public forum.

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