anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

uncooperative madness

I just finished half a tub of Swenson's mocha almond fudge ice-cream, after having spaghetti for lunch. Christ. I eat like a pig.

My biology teacher is an asshole. She's the most unreasonable teacher I've ever came across, and totally biased too. Today we got our biology test, which was taken in January, back (I got 18.5/50; surprised much?). This adorable classmate of mine wanted to claim a few marks that she's supposed to get from the stupid teacher, but for some weird, unknown reason, a simple request turned out to be another preaching session from the high-and-mighty Molly, our nickname for her. She accused Adorable Classmate of cheating. She thought she wrote the answer on after getting back the test, so that she could have more marks. What a load of shit. Adorable Classmate isn't the type to do dumb things like that. It's something I would do. So Dear Molly started giving us her moral talks that are totally full of shit, and a few people told her very bluntly to shut up, stupid things like that, and at 10.40 a.m, 5 more minutes to recess, my friends and I sneaked out of the classroom and went for recess. By the front door. Stupid Molly didn't suspect a thing, as predicted. She is such a moron, I swear. I wonder how she managed to keep her job. I've always known the old principal had a big heart, but this big? It's unbelievable.

I'm all hot and bothered. Too lazy to take a shower. Bloody hell. I'm tired.

I wrote a mock newspaper report in class today. Its headline is: Girl, 15, kills herself because she can't have a lobotomy.

Tags: food, grades, school, teachers

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