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Kris takes this sinking boat and points it home. <3

I love Kris Allen so much.

I forgot to rave and foam at the mouth over his performance this week, which is a shame, because it was just brilliant. The theme was movie songs and most of them chose predictable, soppy ballads (I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Allison. Sorry, David Cook sang it last year and sang it a million country miles better; [Everything I Do] I Do It For You - Anoop. David Cook sang it in Hollywood week and that was when I fell in love with him so no one, not even Anoop, can ever sing that song. Sorry) but Kris? Kris chose a simple but powerful and emotional (not sentimental) song from a musician film, Once.

I rented the film last year and loved it. I loved the song from it even more - Falling Slowly. It won an Oscar for Best Original Song, but it's undoubtedly the least well-known song sung on Idol this week. It's a beautiful song with a really simple two-part melody, and when it first appeared in the film, I was totally captivated.

The fact that Kris chose it in and of itself makes him awesome. The fact that he made so much out of it in such a short amount of time makes him brilliant. Even my mom liked it, and she wasn't too crazy about the song when we watched the film together. The only problem with his performance is that it was way too short. When it ended, I was thinking there had to be more and was BUMMED when it was the end (much like David's Baba O'Riley last year). He packed so much emotions and sincerity and honesty into it, much like his rendition of Ain't No Sunshine.

I love Kris. And I've given up on posting Idol performances 'cause they'd just get deleted after a while, so here's the studio recording:

I prefer the original, if only because the way it was introduced in the film was just beautiful (and in an entirely understated fashion) and I can't think of the song independent of that amazing scene. But Kris' version is pretty damn awesome, too.

I feel bad that I'm off the Anoop train as I don't usually switch favourites after I've picked my horse early on; the only exception was when Jon Peter Lewis got voted off in like Top 9 week or whatever it was in Season 3, after which I got behind Fantasia (even though I hated her at first). But Kris is just so good. There's always something I like in his performances. His voice, while nothing unusual or particularly outstanding, is so pure and sincere and pleasant, and I love the fact that he's a musician (or an artist, in Kara-speak) and is able to put his own mark on the songs that he does - very, very much like David. Unlike David though, he apparently aspires towards the John Mayer/Jason Mraz kind of music which isn't particularly my cup of tea, but I'd check it out if Kris is doing it!

And the best part about him? He was completely not on the radar at all when the show first started. People like Adam, Danny, Anoop and Lil got lots of screen time and back stories; I only knew of Kris during Top 36, when he surprised me with singing that Michael Jackson song (Man in the Mirror) which I liked A LOT more than I thought I would. He's pretty much got this far by his own merits without help from the producers at all.

Of course, I'm sure it helps - a lot - that he's so freaking easy on the eyes (actually, what I really want to say is, OMG HE'S SO CUTE), but looks can only get you so far if you don't have the talent to back it up. So many hot guys in previous seasons got eliminated early because they sucked. Kris, on the other hand, is the whole package: Fucking amazingly gorgeous and fucking amazingly talented.

I LOVE KRIS! I hope he makes the final two. I actually want Adam to win this 'cause anyone else winning would look absolutely ridiculous (and I personally would like to see a gay contestant win American Idol for the sheer awesomeness of that scenario) 'cause no one else performs and sings like him, but I want Kris to be runner-up. If it's Danny/Adam? I would fucking DIE.

You know, I don't even want to get started on how much I fucking HATE Danny Gokey 'cause it's a waste of time, so yeah, whatevs.

I'm going to get started on the last question of the HRA exam now. I decided to do another one 'cause I looked over the materials for the question I was going to do and realised it covers FOUR FREAKING SEMINARS which is WAY TOO MUCH SHIT TO READ. And the question is way too descriptive for my liking.

So I'm going to do the indigenous people/minority rights one. I don't presently understand why the question seems to suggest there are no indigenous people and minorities in Asia which means I've got my work cut out for me.


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