anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Kris Allen: The Exception that Disproves My Rule.


Remember that thing I said about how nice guys are not sexy and how I thought Kris Allen had no sex appeal?

I hereby take it all back.

Married or not, Christian or not*, short or not, those abs speak for themselves. Yes, they do, and I completely approve.

*I'm not saying Christians have no sex appeal; of course they do. Just look at Kris. But the thing is, I have this idea that Christians won't do a lot of pre-marital things because of their religion, which then decreases their sex appeal, and I also have this idea that they also won't do a lot of post-marital things because of their religion. I'm sure I'm wrong about the latter, though. But it's still a stupid idea I have. Feel free to jump down my throat for this; I'd LOVE to be proven wrong.


In school news, I'm so over Nation Building, I can't even muster up the energy to make a stab at attempting to read the LECTURE NOTES.

Oh help me. Sooooo looking forward to 11 AM tomorrow. And I can't believe I can't sleep till 1 PM tomorrow. What a travesty.

Tags: exams, guys, kris allen

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