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AWARE saga: I am flabbergasted.

Regarding the Straits Times article (that I just found on Facebook - I LOVE Facebook! Didn't even have to dirty my hands unnecessarily touching the undeserving ST) about a certain former law school dean and how the certain former law school dean was behind the recent takeover of AWARE, once again I'm left wondering how it is that an obviously bright, intelligent mind is capable of sprouting such crap. </p>

On the one hand, she claims to have nothing against homosexuals; on the other, she accuses homosexuals of "being in pain" and seems to really believe that homosexuals were all abused as children.

As someone who has a handful - literally - of gay and lesbian friends, I feel offended just reading that. My friends were not abused as kids, and they are certainly not in pain. The only pain they may be feeling is the discrimination brought against them by the narrow-minded segment of society that insists on treating them like AIDS patients to be avoided at all costs, like unequal members of the country.

I mean, I'm sorry if I don't see what is wrong with a sexuality programme in which "homosexuality" is treated as a neutral word. How else is it to be treated? As if it should be shunned? Just because someone doesn't discriminate against homosexuals, doesn't mean that same person is pro homosexuals. Maybe the person is genuinely committed to the principle of equality, which Mag brilliantly said is the principle upon which this country is founded.

I just - you know, I don't even know. I honestly cannot wrap my mind around the mere idea of how someone with brains is capable of saying such stupid, insensitive, intolerant things. On the most logical basis none of it makes sense, especially not the insinuation that people can somehow choose to become gay. Of course, this isn't a settled issue, whether homosexuality is natural or acquired; but speaking for myself, I know that there's just no way I'd suddenly decide to be lesbian just because some group told me there is nothing wrong with homosexuals, if I'm not already lesbian.

She played the parent-child card and asked the question of how a parent would react if he/she found out his/her son/daughter is gay. I don't have kids, obviously, but I think it's instinctive to any human being, regardless of religious beliefs or lack thereof, that the love a parent has for a child transcends such issues. Yes, it's probably a scary possibility for some conservative parents, but the fact is, at the end of the day, this person is still your kid. You'd be the biggest asshole to have ever lived to abandon or disown your kid just because he's gay. Look at Adam Lambert's parents - they love him, they are proud of him, and they don't love him any less just because he's his homosexual, flamboyant self. And he doesn't deserve any less to be the winner of American Idol just because he's gay.

This is making me very upset. I honestly cannot understand the kind of mindset that conceives of the possibility of the severance of a parent-child relationship - the most sacred of all human relationships - on the basis of the child's sexuality. I know it happens all the time, but then I think of the instances in which it hasn't happened, and I can't help but feel deeply heartbrokened for those that dared come out to their parents, just to have the door slammed in their faces. And for the former dean in question to go on record saying parents should be afraid of their children's potential homosexuality is's so, so upsetting at such a deep level that I can't even put it into words.

I don't even know what to say anymore.

I really don't know what to say.

I don't even point to religion as a scapegoat because my Christian friends are amazing, and it's not fair to taint the image of an entire religion based on the words and actions of a few who are hopefully in the minority, and although this isn't a personal experience but the Kradam friendship is beautiful because it shows the beauty of the human spirit and its capacity for acceptance, and...I don't know, I really am rather incoherent at the moment. I think I'll just stop trying and just post this.

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