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Simon gave an interview to TV Guide which I didn't bother reading because someone nicely quoted the part where he talked about Kris:

Q: Who has surprised you the most this season?
A: Kris. Better than I thought. Adam, we knew he was great and Danny, we knew he was great. But seven weeks ago, nobody would have predicted the possibility that the third place is Kris. He's just quietly got on with the job. He didn't get the praise he should have gotten last week because of the cockup with the timing. I would have really, really given him a confidence boost.

Third place is Kris? Um, what? Last I checked there are still four weeks of competition left. He could've been talking about the number of votes Kris got on movie night when he sang Falling Slowly, though I can't comprehend how Danny did better than him in terms of votes with his schmultzy, melodramatic, sentimental version of whatever the hell that song was (with HARPS on stage! And Simon referenced David's Hello from last season to criticise Danny's boring, unoriginal performances! That David throwback made me very happy). I mean, I thought Kris was the best of the night because I absolutely loved that performance (though watching it back - repeatedly - he was off a few notes in the beginning) but I'd understand if Adam was the top vote-getter even though I didn't understand a word he sang that night. Adam is hot, he's an amazing performance, and I understand how someone like Kris might seem lacklustre in comparison.

But in comparison to DANNY?!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK.

What I really want to say, though, is this: If Kris really ends up being #3, if he doesn't make the final and gets booted at #3, having read that comment from Simon, I think I'd be more inclined than ever to believe that Idol is scripted. I never really believed it, not even after Paulagate last season (in which she critiqued Jason Castro's second performance when he'd only sung once), because I enjoy this stupid show and I'd cease to enjoy it as much, if at all, if the whole thing really IS 100% scripted. As in, scripted to the extent that they decide the boot order way in advance, regardless of the voting, of the performances...

But the reason why I didn't - and still don't - believe this is because David Cook won last season. He was DEFINITELY not the producers' Chosen One; that role went to David Archuleta. I think the producers got behind him when he started gaining momentum and emerged as one of the obvious frontrunners, but before that, before the brilliance of Hello and Billie Jean, nobody really gave a shit about him. He was just this guy with bad hair whom people thought was smarmy, and at the same time, David Archuleta was hailed as the best thing since sliced bread.

But then again, maybe they changed their script after seeing how well Cookie was doing. I don't know. But it wouldn't be surprising, would it? Some people are even saying Matt Giraud was the real bottom 3 last week, not Allison Iraheta, because the producers didn't want to lose face by having someone they Saved land in the bottom 3.

Shit. I should stop reading TWoP. Some people take their conspiracy theories a bit too seriously, and yet I'm reading it anyway 'cause I really want to know if Danny is going to get the shock boot anytime soon (yes please PLEASE) and I'm also quite anxious to know if Kris is the designated Bus Victim of this season. I really hope not. Because once Kris is voted off, I'm done with this season - and I want to watch Idol every week so I really hope they don't give me a reason to stop watching. But I'd have no reason to watch if my favourite isn't even there anymore. I really lucked out the previous seasons 'cause my horse either finished runner up (Bo Bice, Blake Lewis) or won (David Cook, and - yes - Taylor Hicks). I hope Kris isn't the one to buck that trend of my favourites always making the final, even though I did buck my own trend by switching favourites halfway into the season. BUT STILL, IT'S NOT MY FAULT THE PRODUCERS DIDN'T SHOW KRIS AT ALL AND IT'S NOT MY FAULT THE PRODUCERS ARE BLIND TO HIS TALENT! How could I have gotten onboard the Kris Lovetrain immediately after his Michael Jackson song in the semi when I was already behind Anoop, right? I can only support one person at one time, dammit! What the hell is a "favourite" if you have TWO favourites?!

Anyway, before I start rambling about how I'm single-minded and thus am not capable of liking more than one person at a time (I'm having a hard time juggling my Roger love and my Kris love, to be honest), all I really wanted to say in this entry is that I'd be highly suspicious of Idol's behind-the-scenes machinations if Kris really got booted at #3. I hope he gets booted at #2, of course, but...we'll see.

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