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(American Idol) KRIS OH KRIS.


I WASN'T going to watch Kris' performance until the show tonight, but I suceeded in getting up to vote this morning and couldn't stop myself from reading comments about the show. When I read about Simon's bus-throwing, and the fact that Kris went first, I got SO PISSED OFF. I really thought all the talk about the producers' plans for throwing Kris under a bus was just people being too imaginative. And just so I could confirm and know what I'm bitching about before I bitched about it, I watched Kris' performance online.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU SIMON. That was the most comfortable Kris has looked the whole season without a guitar or without sitting behind a set of keyboards. That was also the best he's sang the whole season. THE WHOLE SEASON. Perfect pitch from note one, and once again he injected his feelings into the song. And this is coming from someone who LOVES Ain't No Sunshine and think that performance was utterly perfect. If there's such a thing as more than utterly perfect, his performance of The Way You Look Tonight COMPLETELY takes the cake.

SIMON, IF KRIS GOES HOME TOMORROW, YOU AND YOUR PRECIOUS SHOW WILL OFFICIALLY BE DEAD TO ME. If Kris leaves this week, I swear I'm DONE with this season. I won't even care about Adam anymore; he's bonus for me, the side dish to the main course that is Kris Allen. I can never do without a main course, but I usually tend to skip the side dish.

I can't believe they really went there. I can't believe Kris got bussed tonight. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. My only consolation right now is that David Cook also got bussed last year, immediately after his best performance of the season (in my opinion, that is), The World I Know, on finale night; Simon basically said Archie was gonna win, but Cookie turned it around and WON IT.

I really, REALLY hope Kris makes it to the Top 4.

I just watched it again and I LOVE the falsetto on the last note. This is his most varied vocal the whole season, and Simon said he wasn't even trying? SIMON COWELL YOU'RE FREAKING DEAF THIS WEEK, YOU ARE.

Okay, I don't know what Simon actually said because the video on doesn't have the judges' comments; I'm just bitching based on what I'm reading about the feedback Kris got. And I think I might have to declare my love for Kara DioGuardi for calling Kris the Dark Horse of the competition - which he totally is, which Simon totally missed.

SIGH. Like I said, I hope Cook Redux happens. Last year David's fans were so pissed at Simon's comments that they (we!) went into a voting rampage. Of course, that wasn't the only reason David Cook won, but I think it probably helped a little. And this isn't even about Kris winning; it's about him getting through to the next round. I hope his fans voted like mad. I know I did - or tried. I had to go to school in the morning to meet a professor, but before that I voted on my handphone, and after the meeting I continued voting on my handphone until my battery died, and when I got home I voted on Gizmo (they switched to the West Coast time zone so it's 12 noon now) until the lines closed, and in the process my Gizmo crashed a few times.


Well, I guess if Kris leaves this week he can take comfort in the fact that he has both David Cook and Chris Daughtry in his corner. My darling David likes Kris and Adam this season, while Daughtry apparently Twittered that he loves Kris' performance this week. I don't like Daughtry but he's always cited as an Idol success so whatever, I'll take whatever positive thing I can get.

SO worried for Kris. SO checking spoilers tomorrow morning.

I HATE THIS SHOW. I hate getting invested in a contestant. And this time round, my horse doesn't have the fanbase or the support of a frontrunner. My horse is a DARK HORSE. I hate this!




Poster at Kris' thread on TWoP:

Okay, that was just infuriating. I really don't believe that Simon was trying to motivate people to vote for Kris. It seems clear what's going on: Kris is the only one capable of derailing the whole Adam/Danny F2 train. For whatever reason, Simon desperately doesn't want Kris to win, so he deflated all of the praise with his "based on tonight, you can't win" comment. Simon also didn't give Allison the praise she deserved. Matt only hit about 30 percent of his notes, I couldn't understand a word he was singing most of the time amd he was by far the worst of the night. So Simon over-praised Matt hoping he will advance to F3 where he doesn't have a shot at making it to the finals. Kris is a serious threat to the Master Plan, and Simon's comments (along with having Kris sing first) were meant to address that threat.

Knoll-ish? Perhaps. But once again, Kris turned in a fantastic performance, and once again, he didn't get the unanimous, unambiguous praise he deserved. I think at this point he has strong prospects at a great career, and there is certainly a strong fan base out there, but if he does lose this thing, I'd at least like to believe he got a fair shot. "Based on tonight," I [can't] say that he did.

Why, WHY do I keep watching this stupid show? Pray tell, WHY?

Kris is second-last on DialIdol. I take consolation in the fact that, if it'd been right every week, Kris would've gone three weeks ago. So far he hasn't even hit bottom 3, so there's still hope. Flimsy, fragile hope - but hope nonetheless.


And after reading what someone said about what Kris said in his intro package about not being able to compete with the others vocally? I just want to send him a post card and tell him to stop being stupid and realise what a great voice he has. Sure, he can't do the glory note thing like Adam and Allison (well, not so much her; I think she's pretty limited too) and I suppose Danny though I wouldn't know 'cause I don't pay attention to him, but he's at least coherent, which automatically puts him above Matt; more importantly, his voice is more pleasant than Adam's purely based on the tone and quality, and he interprets the songs better than Danny and Allison, and in the "artistry" department, he has THEM ALL owned. Including Adam. Adam will still win, and I still will be okay with that, but Kris not making final 2 is just plain. fucking. WRONG. And Kris believing Simon's bullshit about Danny being the other best voice of the competition? It makes me so mad. And the fact that he was hurt by Simon's "indulgent" comment to his All She Wants To Do is Dance performance? I JUST WANT TO HUG HIM.

My dear Pocket Idol, you have no idea just how damn good you are, and I feel like sending you a post card to tell you how damn freaking GOOD you are. For you, I will say "kick awesome" instead of "kick ass" and I promise I will say "oh my gosh" in place of the other one I'm used to saying until you make the final 2.

And seriously, what was the utility in Simon telling Kris he can't win, based on tonight or not? Was it to maintain some sort of a facade that this season hasn't already been won? In which case, all I can say is, STOP TRYING. We all know Adam has this in the bag, and the real competition is for the runner-up spot. Obviously Kris can't win; even I don't think he can. But he CAN make runner-up, if people like Simon would just cut him some slack and give him a break. I really don't understand why Danny is able to get away with crappy performances week after week, barring this week as I haven't watched it yet, but Kris puts in solid-to-amazing performances week after week and is consistently denied of the praise he deserves. This show is as hokey as Gokey. UGH.

Need to stop obsessing over this and get started on my paper that's due on Friday. Shit, if Kris gets eliminated tomorrow, there's no way I'd get it done in time 'cause I'd be obsessing over TWoP and reading everything I can on him. SHIT. HE BETTER STAY. HE MUST.

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