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hospital for the insane

I think the best mate went a little kooky today. The O Levels results were announced, and 100% of girls in my school made it to junior college. If I heard correctly, 90% made it to a top 5 junior college. After that great announcement, it was like, instant stress. I mean, I honestly couldn't care less how last year's Secondary 4 girls did, but it does somewhat put pressure on me to do as well as them, and I guess the best mate felt it too. She seemed rather dazed during Maths (and trust me, she wasn't alone in being dazed and confused), and after that she hid under the table and started to wail. In a comical way, of course, but it was still something.

Stress is not an uncommon syndrome for insanity in my school. Hell, it's not uncommon in the bloody country. I just want this whole shit to end. It's driving me mad. I think of the Maths homework waiting for me, and the heart sinks. I think of the 5 tests I'm going to be having next week, and I wish even more I could have a lobotomy. (Granted, one of them is Biology, which I will not be studying for, but still.) It's just soooooo full of shit. Be glad you're not me, 'cause it sucks to be me.

I got a letter from one of my old pen-pals. I love getting letters. I'm going to write her back, once the weekend is here.

Have nothing else to say.

Tags: grades, o levels, school, secondary school

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