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Well, at least I can rest easy for the rest of the day.




He gets to do rock week! YAY! I'm so excited to see what he's going to do next week. Hopefully they finally get two songs which I was robbed of this week. I'm not worried at all about the theme; rock is many things, not just one thing, and I'm sure he can find something out of this vast genre to suit him. In fact, I can already think of a few songs I'd kill to hear him sing...though not always for the right reasons. (E.g. REM's Losing My Religion - totally love this song, but I must admit I'd laugh hysterically at the irony of Kris singing it hahaha. Um sorry. I still love you Kris.)

He's apparently the third-place votes getter which is not too bad, considering his performance didn't pack the punch that Ain't No Sunshine and She Works Hard for the Money both packed. So, no complaints. shocked was I when I read who was in the bottom 2? SHOCKED doesn't even begin to cover it. Elated, though? Not so much, because the person WASN'T the other frontrunner, the one I hate; he's someone I actually quite like.


Oh well. I'm super happy Kris is still around, and I'm also super happy Andy Murray lost, and the one thing that would complete my week? Roger winning in Rome. Unlikely, I know, considering Seppi didn't upset Nadal last night (duh!) which means he's still in, and his half of the draw has officially become cake after Murray and Davydenko both lost. But then, no one really challenges Nadal on clay anyway, except Roger. And perhaps to a much lesser extent, Djokovic. And to an even lesser extent, Murray. I actually hope Fernando Verdasco wins over Richard Gasquet despite me severely not liking the former and having warmed up to the latter, just to see how Verdasco plays Nadal on clay. See if he gives Nadal a run for his money, a la Australian Open semi-final, which remains Verdasco ONLY claim to fame.

But I won't bother wasting brain cells on Nadal's half. Roger is meeting Stepanek, as expected. A little worried considering what happened last year (met Karlovic, then Stepanek, then lost to Stepanek in two freaking tie-breaks) but I have faith in him. I'm sure he can pull out the win. He can! He has to beat Nadal in the final anyway so he better dispatch of this lightweight fast! 6-1, 6-1 would be nice.

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