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(Rome 2009) Federer d. Stepanek 6-4, 6-1

Roger bags the first set after getting broken while serving for the set at 5-3! Funny thing was, my mom was saying how Stepanek would've lost the set if he'd been broken in the previous game, and as soon as I said, "But Stepanek is going to lose anyway", Roger's backhand down the line sailed wide. After that he's quickly down 0-40. Saved one break point, Stepanek wouldn't let go of the second, and got broken.

THANKFULLY he broke back and won the set.

Roger please finish this ASAP! Your loyal fan here as a paper to write!


11.45 p.m.:

Roger's up 3-0 in the second and just played a SOLID service game, holding at love! His game is almost perfect for his serve. Oh my gosh, his first serve is pretty tragic so far, and the best part is, he only makes his first serve when he's facing break points. One wonders why he can't just make things easier for himself and get those first serves in?

Nevertheless, an ace and a service winner are pretty decent stuff!


12.05 a.m.:

And Roger fulfils my wish! That was a GREAT second set, with some Vintage WTF shots from Roger. That one backhand down-the-line pass to give him break point one of Stepanek's service games (forgot which - there were too many) was particularly sublime. His first serve came back just as he was serving out the match, which is better late than never, I think. Clinched it with an ace again.

LOVE him! I love watching him on clay. The way he slides on that nasty surface is a thing of beauty. Trust Roger to make these otherwise-dull clay court matches beautiful tennis all over again!

Have I mentioned I LOVE him? Rather irritated the awards presentation of the ATP Fan Favourite and Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award was cut off, but at least I saw a bit of it, and he looked gorgeous and all happy, so it's all good.

I'm very happy with today's match. Despite the wonky serving, he played fantastic. His second serve also bailed him out a lot, and he sure as HELL wasn't lying when he said he practiced his baseline game really hard. It showed - it really, really showed. Fantastic baseline stuff from him today.

I must say though, I get that Stepanek is a serve-and-volleyer, but somehow, I don't see how it translates to clay. He missed a lot of his volleys which gave Roger a lot of free points and it makes me wonder if one can be a serve-and-volley clay-courter? Clay is WAY slower than grass, and grass is traditionally the heaven in which serve-and-volleyers play. Roger didn't play at the net too often, only when Stepanek drew him to the net - and Roger won more points at the net than Stepanek, if I remember correctly.


And now I need to get back to my paper. WHAT A DOWNER.
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