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i have funny friends.

Biggest lesson of the day: Never go to class without at least a cup of coffee, no matter how late you are.

I woke up at 1 p.m. today. My Chinese class was at 3. I reached school, all cranky, and because there were no parking lots anywhere near the campus, I had to park at the bottom of the slope near the exit. So I walked up and by the time I reached the canteen area, it was 3 p.m. I wanted coffee - but there was a queue. In the end I decided to get coffee during the break, so I went to class without coffee, two hours after waking up.

That wouldn't have been so bad...if I hadn't decided that I felt like participating in the discussion. OMG it was terrible. My Chinese was fucking mangled, as usual I forgot what I wanted to say the minute I opened my mouth, did I mention I completely mangled my bloody language? I almost died, I tell you. Now the lao shi has probably marked me down as some crazy-ass Westernised ultra-liberal left wing radical, which I suppose I am, to some extent. She looked completely stunned when I said that the state commits a crime whenever it executes a prisoner. HAHAHAHA. I would have gone on about hypocrisy and how two wrongs don't make a right (which appeared in my head but how to say in Chinese?) but my mind just went completely blank. No more trying to articulate my (rather strange) position on various things in Chinese, without caffeine, and two hours after waking up.

I tell you, I was so stoned throughout the whole class before the break that I could've fallen asleep. But it wasn't sleepiness exactly; it was this overwhelming sense of no caffeine-ness that put me in this strange daze, like I was wafting through a thick layer of haze and smog with my eyes blindfolded. It was awful.

I suppose I should wake up earlier on Tuesdays, too. And leave the house earlier. I hate going to school at 2-something; it's impossible to find a parking lot that isn't at the entrance/exit. Like Kenneth and Andre said, the whole point of driving to school is to avoid the slope - that, and for me, to avoid taking the bus/wasting money on taxis. But damned if I'm going to school significantly earlier than I have to. I'm afraid of school food now, so much so that I'm totally coming home after my 9 a.m. class tomorrow. No more being in school from 8.45 a.m. to 9.30 p.m., like I did two Wednesdays ago.

As usual there was no one around to eat dinner with me so I made Kenneth walk all the way from the library to the canteen, where he watched me eat for like, fifteen minutes. Not only did I make him go to the canteen, I shamelessly asked him to help me buy coffee. And he refused to take my money. I've lost count of the number of drinks I owe him and I feel damn bad! Thankfully for him, tonight's Infocoms was the last class for the module so no more keeping Yelen company for fifteen minutes on Tuesdays! I tried to talk him into sending me a Chinese New Year card, but to no avail. Maybe I'll write him one just to make him feel guilty. Haha.

On second thought, 1) that's not very nice; and 2) I'm too lazy to do that.

On third thought, wouldn't it be utterly amusing to write him a card in Chinese, AND to have him attempt to read and understand it? IN FRONT OF ME!

Then again, my Chinese is too shit to produce anything more complex than basic conversational, day-to-day usage Chinese, so there won't be any amusement to be had at all. I'm sure his Chinese isn't that shit. If I knew wen yan wen (er, classical Chinese. I suppose it's the Chinese version of like, Shakespearean English. Except it's worse. Because it's bloody incomprehensible) I'd write him a card in that but I don't.

Aiya whatever lah I'm way too lazy. And who gives friends Chinese New Year cards anyway?! All the CNY cards I've written in my life were to like, my grandparents and relatives, especially those in Taiwan. Oh well.

Anyway, I must mention something bloody funny that nearly made me burst out laughing in class tonight. Jervis was late for class and he sat outside because he thought it was rude to barge in forty minutes after class had commenced. His plan was to come in during the break, which DS usually gave at around 8 p.m. When it was 8, DS was still talking; 8.15 and he was still talking; 8.30 and he was still talking. Then DS said, "I have three slides left. Why don't I finish this and release you guys early?"

OH MY GOD. On the one hand, poor Jervis! On the other hand, poor Jervis, hahahahahaha! I texted him the update and he replied, "OMG. That's it, I'm going home."

And the worst part? I couldn't pay attention again so my notes were absolutely useless. Poor Jervis! He slogged through a traffic jam to go to school for nothing. And there's nothing I can do to ameliorate his bad luck, too. Still, I thought it was bloody hilarious.

Yay I have S!mon T@y's class tomorrow! I would complete my readings, but there's way too many articles in too little time and of course I'm too lazy. I'd still skim through though. A little. I'd try. I hope.

Yes, I know: I suck.

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