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new layout!

I know, I know: How pre-teen fangirl of me. But come on, I'm sure everyone saw the David layout coming. I've been gushing over him for the past few days; if that doesn't spell 'serially and unhealthily obsessed', I don't know what does.

Still, I wasn't going to do a David layout, until I went through my layouts archive and discovered that I've had layouts for all my husbands: Joaquin Phoenix (x2!), David Anders, Blake Lewis. And know, I'm sure I had more than three husbands before David, but I can't remember who the fourth person is. (Chace Crawford, by the way, never made it to the Husband rank; he was a boyfriend, and I've already broken up with him.) Oh wait, Jay Chou! Oh my god this just goes to show how shit his new CD is, to the extent that I forgot I was married to him. But anyway, it just didn't seem right not to do a David layout, because I don't want him to feel left out and stuff.


Anyway, speaking of Jay Chou's latest CD, I decided to give it another chance a few days ago and so played it for the second time.

It was still as shit as ever. I honestly could NOT listen to the horrendous cowboy song; it was that painful. After the first ten seconds I skipped to the second song, which must have been exceptionally unmemorable because I don't even remember what it was. The only songs I like? Qing Hua Ci and Zui Chang De Dian Ying.

I suppose that's an improvement from the first time when I only liked Zui Chang De Dian Ying. I was channel surfing one day and stopped at MTV Mandarin and they were playing the music video for Qing Hua Ci and I was like, "Eh, what song is this? That sounds like Jay Chou. Oh, it is him. But I've never heard this song before in my life." That was despite owning the damn CD that contains the song. In any case, it was actually pretty nice and so I like two songs from his latest album.

What a dramatic change from me liking every single song off his first six CDs - literally and I'm not exaggerating. I only hated one song from his 7th album and I can't remember its name. It was one of those sappy ballad types...oh yeah, it's called Xin Yu. Ewww.

You know, if his 9th album continues to be as bland and sloppy as his 8th, I might seriously need to divorce him. I can't remember anymore why or how I became such a huge fan of his; to me, he lacks depth. He lacks depth incredibly. The movies he does are utterly stupid and I didn't even bother watching the basketball one, his songs are becoming shallow and superficial, and even his piano playing feels like a show-off, a gimmick. How can a guy who's a classically-trained pianist be shallow, right? But Jay Chou is. He doesn't stand for anything except commercialism, and I can't believe I was crazy over that.

Then again, maybe I've just grown up, finally. That's my dad's take on it anyway. The Jay Chou craze did start when I was, what, 17? I know I like to think that I'm young, but 'five years ago' isn't something that one would characterise as 'recent'.

Oh my godddd I'm olddddd.

On another note, I have officially lost my ability to sleep past 9 a.m. I woke up at 8 a.m. yesterday and today I woke up at 8.50 a.m.

On yet another note, when my entries get superficial and inconsequential, it basically means that I no longer give a shit about bullshit emo nonsense "issues" and that I'm pretty much back to normal. Yippee. Maybe this isn't the best approach to take, but it's the only approach I know. So there.

Having said that, my face seriously cannot recover any slower. BLEAH BLOODY SHIT. But I'm not going to think about it because it's only going to aggravate my irritation, like, even more. How terrible.

Ooh, my mp3 player has shuffled to Jay Chou's Hokkien song from his third album. I LOVE IT OMG. Okay, now I remember why I was such a huge fan of his. He sings in Hokkien/Taiwanese and the song is in this mellow R&B style - totally awesome. I love it.

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