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need new music. stat.

First order of business: I need new music. I was listening to my mp3 player the other day and I realised that at least 50% of the songs in there are from CDs that I bought when I was in secondary school. I generally don't download songs and I haven't been buying CDs lately, so I have no new music (except David, but that goes without saying) and I'm sick of the old stuff. I have songs from Bush's The Science of Things album, half of which I'm already damn bored of; Placebo's Without You I'm Nothing which I still like but that album is from, like, ten million years ago; Radiohead's Pablo Honey which I don't really like anymore, and The Bends which I still like though definitely not as much as before; and I hate to say this, but I honestly think I'm over Nirvana. How horrible, right? I know! But it's been eight years since I started listening to them!

The problem is, I know what I don't like, and I know this very well; but I don't know what I do like. I want to buy CDs but I don't know what to buy. Out of desperation I listened to a few songs from a couple of bands that David listed as his "musical influence" - Our Lady Peace (I had Clumsy in my computer when I was in secondary school) and a band I've never heard of called Big Wreck. I still like Clumsy actually, but FUCK, I can't stand OLP's singer's voice. I CANNOT LISTEN TO HIM AND NOT GO BATSHIT CRAZY WITH IRRITATION. I swear, the guy screeches, and it's the same reason why I like some of Maroon 5's songs, but refuse to listen to them: I hate Adam Levine's voice. Horribly thin and shrill, totally not my cup of tea. Big Wreck suffers from the same problem and Wikipedia lists them as hard rock and I don't like hard rock, not really anyway. Well, it depends on the band.

I randomly came across an unsigned band on iLike on Facebook, Billy Bauer Band. The first song of theirs that I sampled, I liked - Maybe Tomorrow. Stereophonics has a song with the same name which is a-mazing and I thought Billy's Maybe Tomorrow was a cover, but it wasn't. So I went to check out their other songs and the second song I sampled sounded like the first one. Acoustic, mellow, which is nice - in moderation. No way am I gonna buy a CD full of acoustic mellow songs because it will just bore me to death. (I know, they're unsigned, but David Cook was unsigned and he produced a solo CD - INDEPENDENTLY. I'm so proud of him.)

But back to the point: I need new music desperately. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'll list down bands and singers that I'd rather die than listen to and try to list down bands and singers that I like. Drop me some recommendations, please, anyone. I NEED NEW MUSIC! My mp3 player is driving me nuts.

I Don't Like:
(Because it's always easier to start with things you don't like)
1. Creed/Nickelback/The crap band that did the crap song that starts with "I'm not a perfect person". Oh, it's called The Reason. OH they're called Hoobastank.
2. Chris Daughtry - Absolutely cannot stand him. Sorry, but David totally pwns his ass.
3. Pop music. I like some of Justin Timberlake's songs but I'm not about to buy his CD.
4. The Calling/Matchbox 20 (I'm over them)/poppy rock bands.
5. Emo, i.e. I dunno, My Chemical Romance, that kind of crap.
6. 21st century pretend-punk, i.e. Blink 182...I suddenly can't think of the names of those stupid generic poppy-sounding "punk" banks that all sound the same. Ah, Simple Plan! You know, bands along those lines.
7. Bon Jovi. Violently dislike Bon Jovi.
8. Sappy singers like Bryan Adams.
9. I don't even like Snow Patrol even though I have their album.
10. Howie Day/Daniel Powter/James Blunt.
11. Lifehouse

Argh, way too many to name. Basically, I don't like poppy "rock" bands.

I Like:
1. Well, obviously, David Cook.
2. I think like 90's rock, actually. But I'm hard pressed to think of names right now.
3. I still like Placebo.
4. Ringside, but they're indie so I doubt anyone knows them.
5. Stereophonics but they don't really have a sound ("crap" isn't a sound, contrary to what the critics say). I guess I like Brit rock?
6. The Bravery. I love Honest Mistake and Tyrant and most of their first CD, though I'm not a fan of Unconditional.
7. I like a couple of songs from The White Stripes whose Elephant I intend to buy.
8. The Strokes, too. Also intend to buy.

You know, I can't really describe what I like. It's like the rule of law: you'll know it when you see it. It defies all attempts at formulating a definition because it is elusive, but real.

Right, I'm typing nonsense. I still need new music though so it would be nice if people could recommend me some tunes.


On another note, my palsied upper lip regained mobility in my sleep last night. I woke up this morning and eagerly tested it out in the mirror, and indeed I can move the upper lip.

This, my friends, is what I call significant: Prior to today, the upper was COMPLETELY IMMOBILE. So yes, I'm muchly pleased that there's finally some improvement that I can call significant, though I'm sure it's understandable why I'm still not exactly jumping up and down about it. It's almost a month already and it's only now that my upper lip decides to wake up, and not fully at that.

Okay, I should stop being all de chun jing chi (give an inch, take a foot), but have I mentioned that patience ain't one of my virtues? It really ain't.

I'm eagerly anticipating the Return of the Face, because there are about ten million things that I want to do. On top of the list? Go to Timbre with Rui. You know how I've kind of weaned off alcohol? Well, I will make an exception for her because she rocks my world. Totally.

I also want to shop and buy CDs. And shop. And shop some more. And it would be nice to swoon over David on Wednesday nights without feeling the strain in my left cheek.

And speaking of strain, I get this funny mild vibrating thing in my ear when I move my palsied face. It's a funny sensation.

I've seriously and literally done no work the whole week. I feel like I'm on holiday! But I have nothing pressing to do anyway; everything can be put off for a week. I seriously love my timetable this semester. It's almost like school's not in session, and I must say that I absolutely love it.

Still, I gotta come up with my outline paper for International Law and Asia next week. Sigh! I'm too lazy to use my brains.

On yet another note, I'm experiencing the worst pimple outbreak in years. I think it's either caused by the Chinese medicine or the vitamin thingy that the neurologist gave me. It's utterly horrible and disgusting, especially around the forehead, which is thankfully covered by my hair.

And speaking of my hair, my fringe is way too long and it keeps getting into my eyes. Super annoying. But I can't cut it 'cause I can't close my left eye tightly; the eyelid starts quivering after a while.

I STILL HATE BELL'S PALSY. Awful piece of crap.

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