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have i mentioned i hate titling these things?

First and foremost, great thanks to Chao Shun and V for responding to my post! I will check out you guys' recommendations once I summon up enough strength and willpower to spend my time doing things other than obsessing over David Cook, bwahaha. Er, yeah. I will YouTube/LastFM/iLike (which sucks but oh well) sometime tomorrow. YAY NEW MUSIC!

Second, to Tris: WAH LAU. Way to go to be helpful - by dissing my taste in music. Boo! Which favourite of yours did I insult? I want to know! (I'd email you but I'm lazy to log into my gmail leh.) And don't tell me it's Bon Jovi.


My dad flew off to Taiwan today to vote in Saturday's presidential elections. The fact that I'm in my room writing about him flying to Taiwan instead of writing about being in Taiwan writing from Taiwan is a great testament to his undying love for me. I still don't understand why he didn't think my idea of going to Taiwan from Friday to Monday isn't a great idea, because it so is. I CAN'T BELIEVE MY DAD LEFT ME BEHIND WTF. Sure air tickets cost like a few hundred dollars, but what's a few hundred dollars in exchange for my happiness and for me getting my Taipei fix? I'm like, in freaking withdrawal, and I've been so for almost a year! This is cruel and unusual punishment for wrongs that I totally did not commit, I tell you.

Right, in some ways I'm glad he vetoed my idea last month 'cause it's not fun going overseas with half a face. So I guess that's the silver lining.

My mom and I sent him off this morning. He flew Eva Air so it was at Terminal One, and I must say, T1 is freaking pathetic. There is absolutely nothing to eat there - nothing! I know Mag likes Popeye but I don't eat chicken so that isn't even an option for me. I think there was a Swensen's there like ten million years ago when I was still under 9, but it's long gone and there's nothing decent in its place. The eateries at the Departure level are quite shit - Ajisen Ramen which doesn't pique my interest, some Changi Kopi Tiam whatever which is an instant pass, Sakae Sushi that only sells sushi and I don't eat sushi for lunch, and a noodles/porridge place which we eventually settled on.

It was okay. Edible. But nothing to jump up and down about. You'd think that the first ever terminal of Changi Freaking Airport, Singapore's freaking Pride and Joy because it is all World Class and thus Great, would have some decent food - but it so. doesn't. Ohmygad I swear, it is so sad. I thought Crystal Jade had a franchise there but I suppose it's in Terminal 2?

When I went to Cambodia and was made to take some ungodly 5 a.m. flight, I was shocked to find out that the eateries/shops in the airport weren't 24 hours. Like whaaaa? Finding breakfast was a pain in the ass, and I ate this horrible egg mayonnaise sandwich from Spinelli's which was horrible. I think everything in the airport should be 24 hours. Thankfully my flight to London in June is a direct flight so I won't have to stopover at some random airport in the wee hours of the morning. Sure I paid more for the direct flight, but too bad lor. Haha.

But I'll be reaching London at like, 5.25 a.m.? Ugh. I don't know what I'm gonna do on the plane for 13 hours. I think I might go batshit crazy with boredom. 13 hours! That's gonna be my longest flight ever. The 7-hour flight to Australia in 2000 was already bloody painful enough; I can't imagine adding 5 hours to that. What is Bloody Painful x 5? Maybe my husband David the self-proclaimed Word Nerd can give me a word for it, because my command of English currently fails me; it is unable to give shape to what it perceives as the Unthinkable. Maybe Bloody Painful x 5 = Unthinkable. Annnd I'm typing nonsense.

I'm actually really amazed that I put aside my burgeoning (a very nice way of saying FUCKING CRAZILY INTENSE) obsession with David long enough to write this entry, AND that I survived 7 paragraphs without mentioning him substantially (the first paragraph doesn't count because the David mention isn't substantial). Remember how I used to post YouTube videos of Blake Lewis and proclaim my undying love for him in this same blog? Well, the Me that posted all those entries seriously hadn't seen nothing yet. David Cook has bloody taken over my life. He's in my head all the time: I fall asleep listening to him in my head, I wake up and somehow he's playing in my head, I spent the second half of Chinese class playing his songs in my head and writing out his lyrics in my notebook. Ohmygad I think I need help. I genuinely didn't feel like going to school today after the airport because going for classes takes away my David Time. And I actually recognise such a thing as David Time. I think I've forgotten what my life was like Before David Cook, because After David Cook, he's so totally the centre of my universe. In fact? There is no other universe but the David Cook Universe. It's a huge accomplishment that I haven't physically played his songs the whole day. But then again I was out of the house most of the time today and my mom's playing the piano so I can't listen to my music, and I haven't bought a rewritable CD so I can't burn his songs to play in the car. Boo!

But I don't have to play his songs, really; they play themselves in my head at any given time of the day.

I can't remember the last time I got this fangirl over a singer or just a famous person. I know I have fangirl tendencies, but for David, it's no longer a tendency; I am a fangirl per se. I think I should be scared for my sanity but aiyah, it's going to die down after a while anyway so what the hell. I'm only young once, right? And since I'm still in denial about turning 22 and pupillage and graduating next year, I WILL INDULGE IN MY DAVID COOK FANGIRLY-NESS AND THERE'S NOTHING ANYONE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

This means, however, that everyone is just going to have to put up with my insane David ramblings for a while. And it's Wednesday which means OHMYGAD DAVID! That also means that I'm scared to death about what he's going to sing because he's gotten nothing but praise from the panel so far and I don't want that to change! I keep hoping that the power of ESP and some brain wave thingy can somehow transmit my very important message to him to the other end of the world, and that very important message is that he should totally take out an acoustic guitar and sing a ballad. He killed me on Everything I Do; there's no reason why he can't kill the world with a ballad this week.

(OMG. I thought I charged my phone when I came home from school at 6 and it's 9 and I just discovered that it wasn't charged. I hate my charger omg this so isn't the first time. It's so annoying when such shit happens. Why can't my charger be more considerate dammit!)

What I really like about David's songs is that the lyrics are generally quite well-written. They're by no means poetry, but it's obvious that he put a lot of thought, skills and effort into writing the lyrics. A lot of bands that I listen to have stupid lyrics that are poorly-written and sometimes even nonsensical. A solid example? Stereophonics. In the song Pedalpusher, there's a line that goes, "You got your hair in a haircut." I mean - seriously. What the hell does that even mean? I love the song, but when I listen to what Kelly Jones is singing, I'm just flabbergasted. The Bravery has some pretty clumsy lyrics too, like, "People/They don't mean a thing to you/They move right through you/Just like your breath." Move right through you just like your breath? Wow, how poetic, what an evocative image.

But David's lyrics? I was listening intently to his songs the other day and I got super excited over a few lines. From "Stitches" (which I LURRRVE), for instance, "I try holding on to the same old song just because of a brand new verse." I got a chill when I heard this. From "Silver", "When writing your history, I will always be a footnote, a distant memory." To rehash what Paul Chow taught us for Paper 4 Lit in JC, his figurative language collocates with the rest of the sentence; it is consistent, it makes sense - there's a logical connection between a song and a verse, history and footnote. The footnote really got me because I thought it encapsulates the insignificance of the speaker in the eyes of the person he's addressing really, really well. Very succinct, straight-to-the-point, brilliant. (I can't believe I'm almost PC-ing his lyrics. Ohmygad.)

When I was in secondary school I made a huge fuss over song lyrics: if a song has shitty lyrics, I'd refuse to listen to it. That changed over the years when I chilled out a bit and began listening to bands with shitty lyrics. As long as the song sounds good, I don't care what the singer is singing. This extends to Jay Chou too, he who dishes out love songs so constantly and skillfully that they cease to mean anything anymore. So it's really refreshing to listen to David and what he's singing and discover well-written, well thought-out words that totally support his Word Nerd claim.

Or maybe I just haven't been listening to the right bands. I suppose that could be true, which further reinforces my I Need New Music thing.

Anyway, I need to shower, so I'm gonna move on now.

So I eventually went for Chinese class because I don't skip classes ever, and I must say: I HATE LEGAL CHINESE. It's freaking boring. The Chinese Legal Traditions part was awesome - I was interested, I wasn't bored, and I actually understood what went on. But now we're on to Legal Chinese and it's the most boring thing ever. Law is already boring enough in itself; imagine law in Chinese. I can just die. I almost died in class today, hence the writing David lyrics in my notebook thing. It also didn't help that the explanations for the legal terms made no sense to me because the Chinese was just inexplicable, and so I still don't understand the legal terms. And we're supposed to read some statute for next week's class which is a total OMG DIE LIAO's, first, 11 pages long; and second, it's in Chinese. It's a statute in Chinese. I don't even understand English statutes; how am I gonna understand a Chinese statute? And it's a commercial statute, at that.

I hate contract law and all things related to commercial activities arghh tear out hair faint then die.

Lastly, I'm pleased to report that I saw the faintest shadow of my dimple in my palsied cheek two nights ago, so all fears of losing my dimple permanently have been put to rest. Yowza! When the dimple fully returns, I'm gonna celebrate.

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