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findulgent david cook post-performance entry.

Edited to add at 11.34 p.m.:

I'm putting this before the original entry because I think it's too important to be hidden at the bottom of the page.

There are about a million and one things that I would like to do to this guy, and a million and one things that I would like him to do to me, none of which are (is? David makes my grammar turn to shit) appropriate to disclose on a public forum. Suffice it to say, though: OHMYGAD OHMYGAD OHMYGADDDDD. If I had to name one thing that took me out of the magic that is his Day Tripper performance, that shot of his butt totally did it. I freaked out and died.

I can't remember if I mentioned this in the original entry; I probably didn't. And I can't believe I didn't. But in any case, I swear, David is getting hotter and hotter every week and I CAN'T STAND IT. Please bring back the just-rolled-out-of-bed t-shirt and jeans. Please put away the leather (fake? not? oh well) jacket, the snug pants, the amazing hair-do, because I'm not sure what would happen to me, my sanity, and my general well-being if he continues to get even hotter. How is that possible? I thought he was hot performing Eleanor Rigby, but Day Tripper? Totally upped the hot quotient. OHMYGOD, can I repeat myself? OHMYGOD. He wore this white-ish semi-long sleeves shirt with jeans for the results show and THAT was hot too. Even his freaking beer belly seems to be getting smaller. And you know, I remember the first time I ever noticed his butt (when they announced the top 12) and I was all, "OMG he's so fat! Ew!"

BECAUSE HE WAS. What happened to David Cook? How the hell did he become so unabashedly smoking hot? It's not enough that I have to deal with the amazing piece of art that is his amazing amazing amazing voice; now I have to deal with his hotness too?

This does it: I'm not going to survive this season of American Idol with my sanity, intellect, and brain intact. In fact, I think I lost all three 4 weeks ago, when he did All Right Now. I mean, the guitar, the voice, the song, despite the gross facial hair and bad hair - that was all it took. I don't even know where I'm at now. I'm all lost in David's Universe of Supreme Hotness and Brilliance and Awesomeness and I can't find my way out, and I don't want to find my way out because I really like being here. Yeah, I do.

Also, I finally succeeded in burning David's songs into a CD-RW after three failed attempts with three different CDs that I now have no use for, and I listened to him while driving to school today. I think it's probably in my best interest and in the interest of my fellow road users that I don't listen to David while I drive. Unlike other CDs that I listened to in the past, he's not background music. I tell you, when the studio version of Eleanor Rigby came on which is freaking amazing, I was listening so hard to it that I kind of almost ran up a curb while going 90 km/h along Bukit Timah Road and distractedly maneuvering a bend. I've never been distracted by my car music while driving before.

But I'm still going to listen to David anyway, because after you drive with David by your side, you can't drive without David by your side.

I freaking need to sleep. My eye is being all twitchy and weird and there's probably an eyelash in my eye which is freaking annoying. Till next time. Hopefully I'd have something substantial to post, but don't hold your breath; I'm fully immersed in David's Universe of Supreme Hotness and Awesomeness and Amazingness.


Totally. Freaking. Hot.

I might actually like Day Tripper more than Hello and Eleanor Rigby. His voice is just so. fucking. amazing. Last night when I watched it on TV I kind of left my brain on the floor and I'm amazed I actually managed to fall asleep. (But then again, I bloody woke up at 7.15 a.m. today because I badly needed to pee, but yeah.) It felt like a David Cook concert, not American Idol.

Having said that, I'm sad that my memo apparently never reached him (well, duh). I was really hoping he'd do Yesterday with an acoustic guitar, or anything slow and ballad-y with an acoustic guitar. As soon as I heard 'Whitesnake' in his intro video, my heart sank and I knew that Simon was gonna give him his first negative feedback of the season. As much as I was hoping for the ballad, I also knew that he was going to come out with another rock song.

I mean, I totally love it, and I objectively think that it's one of his best performances - trumping even Hello, the performance that got him lots of fans. His vocals were amazing on Day Tripper: pitch perfect, spot-on, solid, incredibly sexy. I am actually really amazed that this is the same guy who won me over completely with a sappy ballad (Everything I Do). He can practically sing anything; he just chooses to do the rock thing.

And that's the problem. He has to reach the finale or else I will die, and the only way to do that on this stupid-ass show is to show some versatility. Which means HE NEEDS TO DO THE BALLAD OMG. As much as I floved Day Tripper like nothing else, he really needed to sing Yesterday this week. But that was like hoping against hope because I knew that he was going to try to repeat his Eleanor Rigby success. It's not so much a question of not having faith in his judgment; it's really a logical, foregone conclusion. Simon told him he could win the whole thing after he did Eleanor Rigby, hence implying that the formula for success is to be the rock stah. Obviously he's going to do it again, which he did. He doesn't watch American Idol, but I do, and I've been watching the show almost religiously since Season 3. It's all getting predictable, the kind of performances that will get positive feedback, the kind of performances that Simon will call 'indulgent'. David has to take a break from the Hot Rock Star thing for a while if he wants to maintain his momentum.

I think David should read my blog. But in any case, despite everything, I seriously freaking loved Day Tripper. After I got over the horror of David Cook receiving a negative comment and how he was so going to get blasted by people for doing what he did last week (but seriously? Waaaay better, especially vocally), I started trying to get over the amazing brilliance that is David Cook. Because if I don't get over it soon, there's a good chance that I might not be able to function normally for the next two months - which means my Comparative Crim, Chinese, and ILA will be screwed.

Ahhh! I love my husband.

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